Illfonic be like






I forgive them.

In other news @Madisyn_Skye will be allowed to rejoin the forums tomorrow.

Was it the nipple rubbing that won you over or the bear ass?

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Just the bear. It may well have been killed and skinned by a yautja

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I think those pictures are missing a very vital part. The red arrow. Then it’s not just an apology, but also amends that are coming. They’re gonna ‘bust’ they’re asses off in their next project.

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yes arrow of mystery and arrow of promise.
it is missings pretending game


The red arrow is going to become the red circle. icon-red-arrow-direction-on-260nw-756945322

And maybe eventually the red cloth tied to a stick (use imagi’nation’)


arrow is of meaning GO PLAY GHOSTBUSTERS

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Illfonic is to gaming , what twilight was to vampires.

A total embarrassment.

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Too be expected for the developers that worked on Sonic Boom.

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A lot of people liked twilight

As a vamp movie fan there were definitely some way way better and different takes on the whole concept

Yup, it was made for that crowd

My point still stands 😁

A lot of people liked what this game could have been 😁. I bet you still own a copy, if only to get a refund at some point 😂

Coulda , woulda , shoulda .

I ended up with 80% of my money back , that 20% was still too much and even for free its a poor deal .

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In a not too distant future:

@Arnie.schwarzewigger: this game has crushed all my hopes and dreams
Illfonic’s temp department: there, there sir; here is your £7.49. On the bright side, the new predator movie looks good.

To be continued

I’m just messin around


@Arnie.schwarzewigger Dracula 2000 was a completely different take , bram stokers was a good one

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