Illfonic, I have some questions about DLC’s

Hey @IllFonic I have some questions about the New DLC given to us, possible explanations confirmed, and future DLC’s. If you can’t answer I totally respect the decision not to answer or say “we can’t say” but I just feel better sharing my thoughts with the community. None of which is meant to spark any toxic behavior, just genuine questions that my Predator Lore Archives Brain needs help answering lol.

First Question: “Does the Exiled Predator have any connection to the comics?”

-So it can be said that the Exiled Predator in Predator Hunting Grounds could connect to the comic series of Predator: Hunters where a clan of Yautja’s became stranded on a island with not technically and no way home, there the Predators are forced to forge weapons out of the environments elements mostly wood, bone or stone. Plus the Exiled Predator in the game shares similar or exaggerated armor used by the Exile’s in the comics, with the mask having a Tiki like appearance.

Exiled Predators from Predator: Hunters Comic👆
Exiled Predator from PHG’s Video game👆

Second Question: “Does Predator Hunting Ground have a limit to Canon material?”

-It’s safe to say that Predator Hunting Grounds is sticking true to movie lore of past Predator films, with examples like Predator with young Dutch and Jungle Hunter / Predator 2 with City Hunter and Elder. Now they added masks like Mr. Black, Falconer, Chopper, and Celtic which don’t have a Class (I’m hoping to see them soon if there is a plan for one). Now we are having Predators spawn from comics like the Exiled Predator, so I ask where is the limit of characters or Easter egg masks joining them game and could this be lead to more famous characters from both comics & movie franchises?

-There’s also the thought of certain characters coming to the game, one which could be controversial being Big Mama. Big Mama was the first of many small handful of Female Predators in lore, though the problem was that Female Predators looked exactly like the males just more scary and hulking in form. I see why they made the females more feminine but it is a curious one, to help with this new female Predator I’d like to think like the Predators in general that there is a subspecies or different appearances to females in different species of Predators (Super Predators, Yautja’s, Hish, etc.)
((Btw if your looking to make a Big Mama Predator, for comic accuracy I’d highly suggest using the City Hunter since that class looks as close as possible to her but Female Berserker isn’t a bad choice either))

Big Mama In Comics 👆

Comic Accurate Size between Male and Females👆

Third Question: “Are AVP Characters possible to bring into the game?”

-This is a very hard question I bet is hard to imagine answering, let me explain how I know this couldn’t be true. So as most people know Masks can be defined by ranks within different Clans of Predators, Chopper & Celtics masks could be just that a symbol of rank of the Predator who wears it instead of it belonging to the actual characters we see them in. A good example of this would be the Celtic and Scarface masks, they look very familiar and almost identical but Scarface shows wear and tear and clearly has had this mask longer then Celtic, maybe Scarface chose to keep the mask as either a badge of the little honor he had or to show where he came from, but for Celtic it was if it was brand new. Don’t get me wrong I know Celtic is a Young Blood still, however he has been shown to use a Combistick which aren’t just given, they are earned by progressing the weapons ranks as Spear Master so he has skill and possibly earned that rank of a mask to use on his new hunt in Antarctica.
Scarface From Predator Concrete Jungle 👆
Celtic Predator from AVP movie 👆

-Another AVP character who’s shown the masks as ranks would be Wolf, in the movie before he goes to Earth there is a huge wall of Predator masks all unique in their own way before selecting his favorite. This almost reminds me of how Veteran soldiers, that would put their ranks or badges they earned in service on the walls of their homes as achievements of what they accomplished. There’s also other “Wolf” characters, such as the video game AVP (2010) where if you play the Alien you’ll face a Predator named Wolf who isn’t the one we know in the movie, driving this further that Masks are just ranks with different looks and styles in Clans.

-Besides that though, The Predators we meet in different AVP Comics or movies can easily be added into the game due to their mysterious life span. Such as Broken Tusk who was able to kill a Xenomorph with his bare hands, however his armor would break the rules since Xenomorphs can’t be mentioned or shown within this universe strictly for Predators. This might be the reason why we won’t get certain classes and characters since said characters are affiliated with Alien properties, which is possibly why we will be getting their masks as a form of cosplaying as said character or using the masks with classes in our image.

Fourth Question: How much research do you guys do for this game?

-This isn’t so much as a hateful question but more so as a brain picking one, like how do you guys get the information you do for the game? Do you guys binge the whole movie collection, do you read into the comics (which I will admit is not far off with the Exiled Predator), what do you try to keep and take out to fit your own lore within the game?

((Thank you for reading this if you did, I’d love to nerd out about Predator more with anyone from the forums to the people who make the game at Illfonic.^^))


Man I miss when the predator was mysterious


Took away some of the uniqueness of the race and made it too generic and safe with the hunter gatherer male stuff & females are just heckinnn so smart but not as physically intimidating so its generic alien race #23946 where the males a giant monster thing and the females a green person w/ boobs & a weird head because fanservice.

lead artist is a coomer and Cleo is his OC but you could also blame the size of the doorways.
not a fan, its like if someone retroactively decided the xenomorph queens needed boobs to identify them as female.

inb4 someone mentions the shitshow that is the witchblade comic crossover and darkling xenos

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True if they couldn’t fit a Super Predator through a door, god knows how they’d fit a Female in.

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Honestly same but also glad about the tea spoon amount of lore given to us over time.

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they probably do no research outside of watching the films or looking at pictures for reference in terms of making models and art

and also they will probably not answer any of these questions because they never answer any of mine either though Kass said she was going to look into a possible AMA in the future though due to thet heavy moderation it would require it is unlikely

yeah man those AMAs

very risky
never been done before we’re really treading new ground here.

perhaps they’ll answer basic lore questions in one of their heavily moderated livestreams…


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They probably won’t but I’m glad I got the questions out of my system, if they do answer I’d be happy to see their response^^

Me too, I heard Fox and Netflix developed an AVP anime series before the purchase of Fox


I just really want laser shot or Cybernetic customizations in this game is it too much to ask for

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That sounds fuckn gross

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THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! I love Lasershot, Spiketail, and Lost Armor. It would be cool to have a Cyborg like Predator^^


Anime isn’t all that bad, depending on which one you watch, I want a Predator animation series made like 90s Spawn from HBO


Not gonna lie, maybe Animation is what this fandom needs. Plus Anime will do what most won’t and Predator giving free rein to kill in a gory fashion would be sick. Kinda want something like Mortal Kombat: Revenge of Scorpion


Mortal Kombat gore is exactly what a Predator series/movie needs


I KNOW RIGHT! Eh too bad NetherRelm doesn’t have the rights bleh

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This is a splendid topic, really well written! I hope it stays up for some time. Lot of passion in it.

Talking about lore is usually a difficult matter, because is not always in the hands of the developers (or editors) the possibility of making decisions or explaining things,
so I don’t think we’ll get any big answers or calrifycations, but that’s fine for me (even if I’m ALWAYS looking for lore material and speculations).

On the other arguments,
I honestly don’t like to see the Exiled connected with Predator: Hunters comics, he is still better equipped, while the tribal yautja in that comics really are only armed with “stick and stones” (as far as I remember);
now, the interesting question would be the other one you made:
could they access to comics material and character?
I think “yes”, but I deeply doubt it would be done, beacuse they would’ve already done it
(as much as I’d love to have a Bad Blood or Ahab appearance),
it’s more likely to get Fugitive, or Scar or even a Super Predator model in my opinion.

The female yautja design is a choice I agree on, purely on the roleplay point of view, if I’m a female player I think I’d prefer a “cool and normal” yautja physique instead of a big and wierd anatomy, is easly to get immersed in the roleplay this way.
I still would have done it “more masculine” tho, but eh.

So, getting to the third question… I don’t have really clear the situations about rights, beacuse the Celtic and the Chopper masks names where changed, but so was the Falconer one!
That could have been a creative choice, but I would not see the sense of it.
I like to belive that there are no restrictions on the “Predator” side of the franchise, and so we’ll see maybe a Scar (or a Wolf) DLC character, but who’s to say.

My final bet on an update would be:
Scar DLC, full skin with shuriken as weapon\skin, with the masks of Wolf, Traker and maybe AvP Elder.

Now, lets talk about l o r e:

watching all the information we get throught movies, games and (the well-written) comics, we could assume that the yautja masks change in relation to both the rank and maybe the “specialization” they have, and this changes from clan to clan;
Wolf is a good example:
in the AvP 2010 videogame, the “Elite Clan” has the ones who wear the Wolf mask called elites, wich we can assume it’s a rank;
so, Wolf is an experienced hunter of the elite class, and he also has an entire wall full of masks. We got three options we could came up with, the first is that every mask matches a rank he passed, the second is that every mask matches a “specialization” (for example, being a spear master, a disk master, a whip master, a good tracker etc), and the third, a mix of both the options, wich is what I think makes more sense

Let’s apply this thought:
let’s say Celtic got that mask beacuse he’s a spear master, than he could became an Elite and have only two masks, his and the “Elite (Wolf) mask” that he could choose to wear,
like Scarface, a far experienced hunter probably even stronger than Wolf, and yet equipped with his “Celtic looking mask”.

(Btw, I know Wolf and Celtic are not from the Elite Clan but from the Isolated Clan, yet the logic still fits for the argument)


@IllFonic make it happen or I pay hackers to steal the source code and release Jungle Hunter 😂

Mhe, I find the charming part of the yautja’s design to be the right balance between technology and primitive side,
that is why I don’t particularly like the “too clean” deisgns of Hunter, Scout and Berserker, or the too technological designs of the Spiked Tail Clan, or the too tribal look of the Alfa (but he’s still pretty badass somehow).

Balance is the key for the success, the Super yautja trio in Predators did a great job in that
(awful was instead Fugitive, too technological and smooth, even if it’s explained by the context he is).


But still, if you lost your sight, or limb, would you rather kill yourself or do something to regain that lost piece of u