ILLFONIC LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Courier The city hunter is messed up. It has numerous bugs as posted in bug forum with wrist dart weapon, combi and disc. The wheels do not work for mimi or audio decoys when certain jumps dart gun or what have you have been shot or deployed. You also get a huge movement speed de-buff that is literally a snail. Your a sitting duck and move about 2.2mph.

Stats on preds are making it so only 2 types of preds are reliable and good. Meaning City hunter and elder are going to be the top… while you neglect scout hunter and zerker… Is there going to be an overhaul on pred classes to actually distinctly separate there play styles or is this what we get. PAY TO WIN?

also the FT scroll wheel back weapon is fucked for pc


also certain loadouts cause the same issue on other preds

I thought you weren’t playing anymore? :P

P.S. I totally agree with your 2nd point.
City Hunter, Jungle Hunter & Alpha didn’t even need to be separate classes. They are almost entirely just cosmetic. Certainly not worth paying money for as far as I can tell. :\

Of course you should only get cosmetics for paid content. But the city hunter actually have sliiiiiiiiightly better stats as the hunter and YUPPERS calls it Pay to Win content already. Personally they differences seem so small that i don’t think you’d actually be able to notice something ingame… but whatever. The trade off in my opinion is the wrist launcher wich isn’t even that good and locks one of your gear slots.

Pay to win is only for gambling, you actually have to be good with the Predator to win. just because you buy Extra content does not mean your going to win.

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The hunter is still better than the Elder what you mean. Top 3 are Ch, Hunter, Elder

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every little bit of stat helps… and if you can sell a character with stats… even slightly better… its pay to win. Predator is ez to play… and honestly I run zerk for the challenge most of the time. Most time its potatoes and if I am bored Ill wipe them… if they chase me I kill them… If they do missions I just let them go.

ok youngblood… the wrist launcher is an ez 2 v 1 tool…


@OldKingHamlet this is true. City hunter is all kinds of fu&@$d up lol
And I don’t think @Courier is the “forum guy” anymore to anyone wondering lol

How is it pay to win, you can unlock the city hunter like everyone else orrrrr get it early by the dlc… hardly pay to win…

You’ve got to be really good with city hunter to survive the fireteam because you’re constantly getting animation locked.

@YUPPERS u will say the same thing for the other preds as well?
wolf, mr. black, celtic and soo on when they will be in the game?

a premium predator will always be better then the normal ones.
and for 5 dollars or 5 euro…is cheap in my oppinion.

This is the definition of pay to win. You pay money to get a class that has more speed, no downfalls, and more utility. Again no downfalls. This is like. Exactly what pay to win is lol

The sad thing is, i warned people about this when dutch came out. But they said “oh nooo dutch isnt pay to win” and i was like maybe not but at some point one of these dlc characters will cross that threshold

Add that to the list of shit ive warned about. Now that city hunter is out it wont be long before a large chunk of the playerbase drops off because their favorite pred and nostalgia isnt enough to keep the enjoyment of the game going.

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Yeah basically City hunter is like a must use lol

the premium preds will always have something better then the normal ones but at the same time the normal one have something better then the premium ones.
still…i main scout and il always be.
the other ones are fun to play…and as always the skill of the player makes the predator “unhealthy” for the mind of an FT and vice versa

Technically yes, because the normal preds are the extremes of each playstyle. Berzerker is a brute, and scout is a jumpy boii

Hunter is the perfect balance… except oh wait hes not anymore. City hunter is everything hunter is, but slightly better. Theres no downsides to playing as city hunter really. Hence why people consider him pay 2 win.

The p2w is very… lowkey at the moment, its not too horribly apparent, but it is pay to win, regardless of what anyone says.

for me the normal hunter class is way better then the city hunter…
u can use a greter gear then the wrist cannon.
so basicly i could add something better.
and another thing, the normal hunter is unique for the game and everybody have it…
not a lot of people will play city hunter in my opp, his pick up rate will decrese cuz there will be more dlc with preds and not eveybody is a fan of city hunter nor has money to buy it.

and if they implement your idea of stealth mechanic…there will be no pay to win.