Illfonic make the game fair play atleast

Eh here i am writting another post about a thing that probably wont be added or changed in the game at all.

Okay lets go over the basics shall we…


-Able to speedrun the objectives cause they take no skill
-Able to pick a closer spot to finish the objective faster cause no RNG and just is plainly not fair to the predator
-Able to stack perks making the ultimate team work perk which current meta is yatuja bane for the most playerbase causing 40%+ more dmg to predator
-Able to see the predator from miles away and hear easily
-Has an semi auto sniper rifle which is totally unfair with current fireteam perk stacking or overall perks and balance changes
-the revolver does the same dmg as a sniper rifle and has no bullet drop so its a pocket sniper i guess? unfair yes.
-Able to outrun the entire map quicker now and outrun predator even with new perk buffs cause they stack to the fireteam class such as scout and recon
-Able to regen stamina quick af which seems unrealistic
-able to parry and still hit predator with the knife if fast enough and kill him eventually
-Able to manipulate pig spawns and camp pigs incase you want to feed, pigs never spawn close to you, only next to fireteam.

Predator wise:

-Able to use isolation instantly seeing where the fireteam dropped
-Able to spam plasma i guess? cause u cant play like anything else unless u wanna get second winded and keep redoing that until u get lucky with 50 50?

Honestly thats all about predator that makes him “unfair” while fireteam is totally unfair and needs some justice @OldKingHamlet @Courier @IllFonic @Fire @Lazycollinator @Draedark @VENN7eance @Slasher_Clone

Oh and… i almost forgot… apperently there is bullet drop in game but only for predator???

How is that fair? care to explain anyone from illfonic team?


I decided to write this cause Today about 2 hours in the game i was only playing fireteam cause i cba to spam plasma all day and just win via that or help fireteam leave lol…

Either way i just want to say that i was able to with yatuja bane and the semi auto sniper down a breserk probably like 70% HP with like 7 shots??? and even in second wind i was able to track him and the bullet instantly travels lol? and apperently it caused the game to last like a minute or two cause even in second wind he was half HP and couldnt travel enough distance cause there were scouts faster than usain bolts in game running around.

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@Arrow_calis @MassImpact124 @Dentdesabre @DhRauta just tagging the lads so u guys can upvote this cause i for sure want justice lol… i dont care about like stats that much just the mechanics to be fair lmao…

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Well written, covered the main issues clearly. I’ll come back in the morning after I’ve rested to add some of my own points. Good thread, and some other people who will be able to add respectful and accurate input are @KameofWar and @Arrow_calis and @Weevo540

I’ll be back.

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Same its 2am… i wanna adress the collected data in the patch 2.0 lol…

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Honestly at this point I’m kind of over it. I don’t think it’ll change appreciably. They’re clearly trying to balance the game to accommodate the middle of the bell curve and I get why. At the higher end of the skill ceiling for players who have been around the FT will always be the substantially stronger side. I would just be happy if the Predator actually worked. IE not constantly stuck or body blocked, bouncing around while leaping, launched straight up, projectiles and melee strikes literally going right through the FT, projectiles actually going where the reticle says, the disk not being jumpy or getting stuck on invisible objects, not melee striking instead of using the weapon I have equipped, etc. Predator is a clunky nightmare of usability. You can see every issue I’ve mentioned in my streams. It can get infuriating.


Thank you for this post. Hopefully we can start seeing a change and hopefully as soon as this month’s update.

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Fireteam is still able to parry blow after blow. Forced to take net gun to counter which limits fun

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I’m not even a Pred Main and I always win 90% of the matches by using my bear traps with bow , patience, “stealth” And taken them one by one…and that works even with sweaty FT mains
I mean even camping in derailed building I still managed to win…it was difficult but not impossible

So please let stop complaining about the ft is op …just GIT GUD AND LEARN NEW TACTICS TO WIN just like I do 😎




You’re always talking shit, and you try to keep it low key by not insulting directly.
Just cause you win doesnt mean shit.

I win a lot too, but anyone that isnt a fucking blind idiot can see that the ft has way too much of an advantage atm.

So seriously.
Just fuck off already.
You never contribute anything, all you do is talk shit.

You win a lot? Congrats kid.
Doesnt mean shits balanced.


You do realise being stealthy does not work at all anymore cause all u can realistically do is like hop around trees plasma them and distract them until they exfil and hope for the best to melee them when they wait which never works unless u go for someone thats good at fireteam first which.

Traps are useless and whoever says they are good is trolling and being delusional, bow is good but broken and u almost will never hit a shot if fireteam is moving faster than usain bolt lmao and has infinite stamina.

Patience is unknown word in this game really… it came to the point where u actually wait predator to fight him and not finish the objectives first or earlier lol… so they can minpulate that too i guess?

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Lower scout speed, dutch 87 speed.

Lower some of the dan as he from some of the ft guns.

Also, the ft can shoot like 50 bullets in a matter of seconds, but you call shooting the plasma cannon spam?
Really? Fk is wrong with you.

I dont think it’s going to change.
If the ft doesnt have the advantage in a 4v1 mind you, they’ll just start crying and whining like they did at the start.

All they need to do is just give the predator a way to combat ft dps.
More traps and gear, and more abilities.

He needs more options in a match.
So let I’m carry 3 traps and 3 different types of gear and perhaps 3 weapons.


FYI, i made a post cause im maining fireteam now and you can down predator with 5 shots more or less… take the bio helmet down with 2 to 3 shots.

That is with sniper rifled that have no actual fucking forces of nature applied to them… as in physics dont work on the sniper rifle.

Respectivly bolt action rifle should be a thing in game and deal less dmg that it does now… and so should revolver deal less dmg and having a limited range on it lmao…

AND if you want to flex i can 1v1 you even in parry if you are so delusional so i can prove u the point… the only time parry wont work is if u trap a poor random guy with net gun and he is all alone and u kill him by that which is realistically unfair point of yours…

FYI i win 99.98% of matches now and its climbing up to 100% respectivly that is with no flex intended… this just for pure point of making that win rate does not matter as much as game knowledge lol for making a topic.


I would like to have myself a alien yatuja sniper laser rifle that can be charged :)

It will be game over in like less than a minute lmfao…

Traps can still be useful.
Just not as traps.
More as projectile attack.

They’re like, 5/10 in usefulness.

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To me 5/10 is useless but in reality is neutral but for me its useless now cause first of all… Sound design in game has been broken since day 1 and so was graphics as in seeing pred from distance… u can turn ambience and music volume to 0 and just have game volume on 1.0 and hear everything more clearly such as footsteps etc… and yes traps too…

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U know whats sad that people think this is complaint… its not its a feedback and suggestion to fix the game and make it fair cause honestly i wonder do people feel proud of them self when they win as fireteam when they abuse the game mechanics that are 70-80% in favor for fireteam? Give or take around that amount and im being generous for everyone.

Oh and i like didnt mention 3-5 more shit that makes it unfair cause yah it was 2 am and i cba to waste my time lmao when i need sleep on forums for a dying game :shrug:

1 good ft players = 3 SAWZ shots before you can join the fight , 2 good ft players = 6 shots before you can join the fight. 6 shots = you go to control panel of your computer and unistall the game, or deleting the game from your ps4 from the game list 🙂.

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