Illfonic: “Out of office for Holidays”

I’m glad you followed up your statement calling people idiots by also calling the people you called idiots

I appreciate your input to the conversation, it was in depth and well thought out.

No problem mannn I do my best around here 👍🙂

Well think about by the end of this year this game is surely gonna be dead
And to retain the player base they will def make this game free and they will charge u for buying vertanium currency for csometics so in that way they will make money

I dont think any sane person would buy this game now at this current state lol

These two are toxic as fuck, just ignore them. They also seem to not understand statistics and are just kind of idiots

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Who’s toxic now? Lol. Ppl always say some ones toxic xD

this is the dumbest post ive read in my life

like i legit feel like i just lost half my braincells reading your apparent confusion at the concept of a business being closed for holidays

if you want me to name a company ill humor you, electronic arts studios close on holidays sometimes too

the corner store down the street closes too


Don’t even bother he literally goes post to post crying about every little thing good or bad.

What he said about the player base isn’t far off going by the numbers. Give or take. 59k+ out of almost half a million? I’m still on the thought that players are holding off to see what is salvaged. That’s ps4 players anyway. Plus it’s hard to tell how many still play and have most trophies, which is what they go by with “returning” players. Plus pc

When the matchmaking works for pred or I get in a game at half the estimated wait, I shed a little tear or two mate 😁


This game being “dead” is completely blown out of proportion

And they are only a studio or 50, not 100 from what I read anyway. I spend too much time on here when I can’t sleep

It’s not dead, it is in limbo

Best way to describe it, many people are waiting for good content to come out. With these recent leaks I’m inclined to believe we will see great things

It’s 78

Here’s hoping, I can’t wait to get me some city hunter 😊 I was off by 28 😁 want some candy

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Pred 2 gets way too much hate, I don’t get it, I grew up with predator being one of the first movies I remember watching as a kid (I know, great parenting) pred 2 is my favourite after the original


I think a reason I have mixed feelings is due to City Hunter being a badass all movie to then be chased down and killed by a middle aged cop that’s past his prime

Yeah that’s a fair point, but he was a younger hunter, inexperienced and reckless which got him pretty fucked up. His own tech was used against him. But the running I would put down to inexperience and he had a hell of a workout wiping out keyes. He never had his beef that night 🥩🤔

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Illfonic will deal with it.

They are on holiday…not locked away.