Illfonic: “Out of office for Holidays”

Well, it’s not like before they were doing much or fixing good bugs or anything anyways.



Right its not like we’re getting a steady stream of patches or anything, its not what I want, no one gets a vacation except me etc


Yo momma gets a vacay with me, bb

U sound so dumb it’s crazy 😂 so no one can take a break from months of working from home on a game wile it’s a smaller team who’s putting out good patches and dlcs every month for your entertainment even tho they only get negative feedback? Wow



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The steady streams of patches caused a steady increase in bugs, not hating, but the fixes to bugs ratio isn’t even close to positive. Every possibility they aren’t on holiday and really are working to fix some problems with none of the backlash

It’s kinda comic honestly😂

Since when does an entire company of over 100 ppl all go on holiday at the same time?
Actually when does any business even if it’s got 5 employees all go on holiday at the same time?
What kind of business ethic is this? We just shut down guys and fuck the punters.


🤦‍♂️First it’s a game designer work(no clue what to call it) so I would assume there schedule isn’t normal lol also what tf is the point of arguing or being pissed because of your game devs taking a week off are u that sad you need them to be working on the game 24/7? Not to mention any time they give all of us somthing new most of us only complain so why tf does it matter?!

Name one business or company you know of that all take holidays at the same time?
How is the business supposed to be managed if every one is on holidays?

Let’s assume there’s a massive server failure (not that it could be much worse than it is right now), who is going to deal with it?

Clearly Illfonic🤣

True, I should have said “besides Illfonic”

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It’s legit just the fact someone’s bitching if they didn’t tell us they where taking a break I bet we would’ve never noticed how is them on “vacation” going to effect the game you paid money for that apparently shit if you don like it so much just throw it out or trade it in and I’m being so serious when I say this

I’m actually waiting on my refund from epic.


Until I receive it and uninstall the game however, I will comment on the game that I’ve managed to get into 6 matches in 3 days of trying.

Dont worry bro coz the game will become free to play very soon and then u get to play and also get ur money back too

You’re both idiots. This game is very successful for its genre and it’s fanbase is steadily growing by a size bale margin at least on consoles. Honestly the game could die in PC and they’d be better off


you think the game will be better when they’re not making money off it???

By growing you mean they lost 86% of the player base in 2 months (based on purchases and continued play).

By growing you mean that on average every PS4 sale of this game is played for 4 days?

Please define what you mean by growing.

Oh btw CONSOLE (not consoles, consoles implies plural and as it’s only available on ONE CONSOLE, you can’t really use the plural there)

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Idk mannn your just a toxic fucccccc🤣 but seriously just get some friends to play with and it would be so much better than waiting 🤦‍♂️