Illfonic: “Out of office for Holidays”

You are the biggest fanboy ever lmao what a twig

One broken patch after another.

What an achievement! It took them a month just to address the widespread log out issues on PC. Don’t worry though! Broken lobbies make up for that lovely experience!

Instead of content and fixes. They’re adding more bugs to the game. Amateur hour at Illfonic continues! Sony and Epic should be asking for their money back.


Hey again go do their job instead of crying behind mommy and daddy PC kido x’D

You’re a programmer or designer for games?

One thing is certain. You’re pathetic and so is your argument.

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Ummmm? Most offices in the worls usually have the same days off. I work in a Verizon It support office and we were just all off from the 2nd till Today. And all office works had the holiday. So it happens

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Most “offices”, in the world usually have the same day off?

That is basically untrue. And you and I both know this.

Okay im more talking about offices as a whole. As in my office was off work for 4 days. My sisters law office was also closed during the 4th of july weekend and the Thursday before the weekend. So Illfonic closing the office for a week and nobody has to work is not that farfetch. But where ever you u work I would not want to work there if you dont get holidays off and the dont fully close the office. Also your server argument does not work here since Illfonic is not the server provider more the content provider. Sony and epic are the servers

actually illfonic maintain the servers hence why they released a post for server maintenance (once in 2.5 months)

Epic and Sony do not collaborate.

The only reason there is a piss poor effort of crossplay in this game is because of illfonic badly trying to mix it up with their own servers.

The most successful crossplay attempt is Fortnight, which required the devs to build an entire separate platform for server connectivity

Most successful? So call of duty haveing crossplay play from the get go dosent count?

which cod are you referring to?

Needed a break from you crybabies xD

Yall are showing your true colors man…

Go play fortnite or cod where this level of toxicity is accepted…

to be perfectly honest the only one displaying toxicity is yourself.
The rest of us are having a discussion.

The newest one? Lol omg like what other one has crossplay. Reeee god you have to do all the thinking for ppl uggh. Plz get off the internet and read a book ur brain is clearly dead

well there’s multi COD that have crossplay PC to Xbox
(xbox to windows crossplay doesn’t count in my opinion as they are 98% the same platform)

But technically it is still crossplay

I’m not the one questioning why a business of maybe 70ish people cant take a holiday in a pandemic…

Grow some empathy, doesnt cost much…

120 people, and why would every single person they have on staff all take a holiday at the same time when they have an investment in a product that requires input from the producers?

30 people could take a week off this week, another thirty next week, another thirty the week after, and the last thirty the week after that.

All at the same time?

Just because it doesnt fit “your lifes agenda”

Doesnt mean you arent in a position to not understand…

Just wow… lmao

Your lack of humanity is showing…

So the triple negative in this statement makes it “Does mean you are in a position to not understand”.

Which also makes no sense as a sentance.

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You going after my grammar, guess I’ll go after your spelling.

Grab your refund and dont let the door hit you on the way out!!!