and give us something/someone almighty! Because we need to OP the game again to make me get back into the game.
Bigger guns bigger knife…what have you!

I just noticed that Rubén Blades also starred in Fear of the Walking dead. WHch is what i’m watching right now.
Give us Rubén Blades bitch! We need him! He’s hot!

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Ruben Blades, the Panamanian salsa king, the legendary Pedro Navajas ♥ 🙌


Don’t hate me, I for some reason have been craving timed obstacle courses do you have to run jump, use the trees and the ground to avoid and destroy

FT Team members bitch! This OP isnt about jungle gyms!


Danny boy.

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Give us Rubén Blades DLC with a navaja (pocket knife)…and a Smith & Wesson 38 revolver Special.

Bro, wth that’s one of my favorite all time songs 🎵 😭


FT is strong enough, even together, I don’t wanna hear it, though I do want Harrigan

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Yeah. Harrigan and Royce are the main characters this game is missing…

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We NEEEEED Harrigan! And maybe even Peter Keyes. 🤘🏻

I thought Leona Cantrell was played byJenette Elise Goldstein / Vasques . To my surprise it was María Conchita Alonso. :| stupid me. Jenette Goldstein played several roles on James Cameron films. I guess this is what I was think of.

I believe this belongs in Feedback



Just go in the corner, touch grass, and cry

Anyone that says FT is underpowered clearly can’t see straight, shit at the game and have never seen the Predator Movies. Its the Pred that needs a Buff (only a little) not the pathetic FT.

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@LordVader1O1 the point is more so to bring some sass into the game. We all know being OP always happens no matter the buff. So let us say the FT need a visual buff, a hype buff, a buff of the Arnold kind. Clearly a new model is a cosmetic. Just saying.

No buff predator and buff DLC ISABELLE

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Buff predator and DLC ISABELLE

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Buff nerfs and nerf buffs.

Buff buff and nerf nerf