IllFonic Predator Themed Costume Contest Results

IllFonic Predator Themed Costume Contest Results

Thanks to all who participated in the IllFonic Predator Themed Costume Contest.
After much deliberation, we have chosen the following as the winners

First Place (Alastair29)

Runner Ups (PedroTPredator Apex1987 ApeYautja)

If you are one of the winners listed above, send me a private message with your preferred platform for the Viking Predator DLC code.


That last one is the winner in my eyes



Congrats @Alastair29!

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Its the winner to the untalented/procrastinators of us common folk.

All heart.

No disrespect to the other amazing ones.

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I feel like the 2nd place is faked because I hve seen that picture many if times; first time was 10 years ago when AvP came out could be wrong

He’s on here, seems like a big fan. Apparently that’s his wife. He even mentioned it’s an older photo.

Gorgeous costumes everybody.

Wow, those are all awesome costumes and good choice for 1st.

Yeah that’s not fake its me and my girlfriend. We run a cosplay page and YouTube channel called Alien Loves Predator UK. It went VERY viral when we did the photo shoot so you will have seen it around the internet aswell as other photos or videos of us.

I think I might be being dumb Courier but I can’t find where to PM you with my preference of platform. My choice is PS4. Any chance you could message me as I can’t see the option on my mobile ATM.

Did you guys make the videos of alien living with predator and predator messes with the alien in the shower by flushing the toilet?

No they were official commercials for the avpr DVD release but we did base some of our video/photo shoot ideas on them and also the alien loves Predator web comic we named ourselves after. If you Google Alien loves Predator UK you’ll find loads of our photos that have been shared as memes or links to our social media and YouTube. Check it out 🙂

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Click on your profile pic, select messages and then you should be able to compose a message.

That first one was brilliant.

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