IllFonic Says: PHG’s is coming to Xbox along with Updates.

I’m just here to pass the news for those who wanna see.

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My thoughts regarding the news of the 2 year long update.


You beat my topic by like a minute so I deleted it lol. But yeah, hell literally just froze over. I’ve been calling this abandonware for the last year. Never would I have thought they would come back to it with current-gen updates, a complete rework, and FINALLY porting it to Xbox. I know people here will talk shit, but, I’m happy. This has been my main game for three years, and I’m…very cautiously…excited to see what they change, and if it will be for the better.




I’m just kinda upset it took more then a year to announce this or when it came to everyone who tired their best to defend IllFonic and the game are gone. Even I, someone who did my best to keep this game entertaining, had given up on the game and company.

Idk I’m on the fence for now. Also don’t bother trying to @OldKingHamlet , he officially not on PHG’s so maybe we will be getting a new Social Community Member to monitor the forums.




“Pet Cemetery Reference” - Some old guy saying not to go down that road.

Sometimes, dead is better.

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IM DONE! THEY FINALLY HAD MY IDEA DONE OF “hey IllFonic, maybe to help spread awareness about PHG’s Updates, we should release trailers on YouTube”. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Yeah, I replied to him on that Reddit post. I offer no apologies for how I and others have talked about his company and this game. Its bullshit that there was no level of transparency, at all, in the slightest. A simple “stay tuned”, or “be patient” would have been more than anyone from Illfonic has said to us about the game’s future. I get that there are contracts that say the people involved can’t talk about certain things, but I can’t imagine it being so binding that you can’t offer SOMETHING to an already starved and very, very, very loyal and patient community. I can only hope whoever comes in and takes over for him has more power to be more upfront to us about things and actually listen to and care about our concerns and how to make this game better. Not many games get a chance to do-over. PHG is getting it. Let’s do it right this time.

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THANK YOU!!! That’s what I’m saying as well!

I will say we should be smart about this…sadly idk about DLC’s this time since we know they go to other projects. So paying for anything would just feed into another game instead of this one currently.

@TheSenate will agree with me on that.


TLC for us dumb shits? or for the game? Its already in trouble (not that it isn’t functioning, just totally unbalanced between platforms but thats pretty much it, its balanced to a degree if revenge is on your mind) and making new skins aren’t going to prove a thing. Its game elements that are needed. otherwise art assets aren’t worth their investment. They should even not commit to new DLC predators. Its just going to upset the more imaginative ones in the community.


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As soon as we were accepting it to be dead, they just pull Friday the 13th on us and back to it it seems 😂

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Yeah, but you guys were rude and insufferable over a videogame, y’know.

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Agreed. And thankfully it seems like skins are at the bottom of the priority list, given that release layout. They ARE focusing on gameplay elements first, which is honestly a THANK GOD moment. And yeah, the whole damn thing needs a rebalance. They need to stop the exploits and hacks first and implement a better anticheat system. THEN they can rework the game itself. Like I told OKH, FT weapons need to be weaker, Pred weapons need to be stronger, and Pred health overall needs to increase, dramatically. One decently skilled FT player should not be able to solo a Pred, nor should two. Three or four, working together, yes, that would be a problem for the Pred, but some dumb joe that knows how to parry shouldn’t take 70% of my health in three swings.

I honestly feel like I’m talking myself up for these updates, and I’m just going to be disappointed.

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April fools


Crazy news. I suppose I’m happy about it, but theres so much to fix.

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After asking nicely and politely for three years with no result, it gets old.

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Ohhh my godness !!

So? Dude, still, this is a video game, okay? Like, chill?

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