Illfonic the yautjas are still too loud please read!!!

@Courier @IllFonic any chance you guys will change/overhaul the yautjas movement, growl, and tech noises I hate how much information I get in the matches.

If you’re taking our feedback seriously then please make his footsteps quieter and natural theyre wearing sandals not boots and are not raging rhinos, it would help with immersion and the sense of terror that a hunter is prowling around us.

The yautjas growl needs to be a ambient, echoing sound akin to the humming birds or the cicada or crickets any other bugs that we hear in real life loud and clear around the forests, they wear a specialized mask that are capable of that.

Finally, vision noise and cloaking needs to be silent; in the movies the characters never reacts to any tech noise and that’s because the movie adds those special effect noise to transition from main character scene to the yautjas POV. Cloaking at least needs to be reduced to about 10 or 5 meter output radius around the yautja and the only way the fireteam can hear it is when the yautja is really close to them like, 5 or 10 meters on them I would say. Basically fireteam should have a hearing bubble when it comes to cloaking.

This is my opinion and feedback on how the yautjas should really behave in a hunt, again if you’re really serious about this game then please take my and everybody else’s feedback to heart play the game yourself and see our many grievances WE WISH THIS GAME TO BE BETTER thank you. @Courier @IllFonic


I agree with you 100%. Only thing they should leave are clicking noises, but remove all other noises and reduce noises from footsteps both running and sprinting.


Clicking noises are debatable but imagine though, that shit will have us guessing where he could be sigh wishful thinking…

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I have a good idea. They should be hearable, BUT, make clicking noises OPTIONAL on chat wheel and remove Disciplined specialization and replace it maybe with some other else new one.

I agree. I literally couldn’t outrun a Dante chasing me while in second wind. It was extremely irritating because that team just always knew where I was even with Disciplined on

Yeah Dante’s are fast. Even faster under fanatic speed + double time than Scouts with double time. Even on the stats they are not. But stats don’t matter.

Yeah I don’t like Dante players

Then you’d definitely hate me lol

Vader scream in French NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!

What three perks would you recommend for chopper? I’ve put on heated, impenetrable, and iron side but I’m thinking about swapping heated out for ascender since he has such a low HP I’m thinking just pure movement speed and damage reduction

Don’t play chopper, just play Scar Stalker or Celtic Analytic.
Perks for my Celtic Analytic: Down Range, Impenetrable and Ironside.
As for the weapons: Bow and Arrow and Hand Held Plasma Caster.
Both Analytic and Stalker deal 15% more damage (IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN), equivalent, but analytic magic is that just like Fanatic is also bugged to be PERMANENT, once you target isolate targets when it refreshes it, it boosts your damage deal PERMANENT, even when you are not target isolating. Which is far more superior than Stalker in every single way.

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Since it’s a permanent Analytic buff with Celtic, would running a full damage reduction build be viable (Height Advantage, Imp, and Ironside) or is that extra DPS a must to keep pressure?

Also, so to apply the permanent DPS buff, I have to target isolate once I scan all 4 fireteam players?

I’ve grown a little addict to Ascender because without it, I get lit up during predkour

It’s permanent with any type of predator that has analytic, it’s the specialization itself, doesn’t matter the predator. But Celtic predator itself deals more damage than any other predator with analytic, he is strongest when it comes to analytic. And analytic involves all types of damage like both melee and range, while stalker is only range with full stamina. Once you scan doesn’t matter the number of fireteam, but once you scan, yes DPS buff remains permanent. Do it since you spawn at the beginning. Voila, you got perma analytic.

Thank you 😈

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P.S: Also enraged specialization for predator is also bugged to be permanent. Enraged (increase stamina and movement speed while under second wind), once you heal from second wind, it is also permanent. It will remain forever even when you are no longer under second wind you will move faster and have more stamina forever.

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Does that work with predkour and branch traversal?

Yes, it works with everything, also STAMINA REGENERATION included.

That actually sounds fun. Make fireteam waste a bunch of ammo with speed on your side then move in for the kill.

It’s kinda what I’ve been doing already with chopper and surprisingly gotten away with a few stealth kills but I still get second winded even with a 45% damage reduction lol

They can have always 1 person doing missions, so I would always attack sooner, enough time to give them to reinforce, but not enough time to call the chopper after they finish missions.