Illfonic's next project?

Any idea what it might be? I’d guess it’s another asymmetrical game as they have some experience with that. I haven’t been paying attention, but maybe they mentioned something I’m the streams, unwhittingly. It is something they would be working on and it may have slipped out if it has pop culture appeal.

E3 is in June. Is it possible that they might drop a preview? ‘Next summer, from the makers of such highly acclaimed games as F13 and PHG, comes…’ 😂

I’m asking cause it maybe a guage as to how long PHG will be the main child, as they will devote more attention to the newborn when that happens.

Dude, it’s illfonic, not EA. Theyre not doing jack shit for at least another year.

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Lol, that’s how all our responses should start concering their products, ‘dude, it’s Illdonic not EA…’


I have a strong feeling they are working on something else , come on , why else is hunting grounds getting bare minimum tlc?

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Pretty sure this will be their game for the next 2 years minimum.

Don’t believe the team is large enough to split their time.

If the lawsuit goes away that is

If they do an alien 4v1 imma be pissssed lol

The lawsuit could play a factor next year. I think Disney’s two initial challenges to the notices will go through as they have errors. Disney is going to use them to establish parts that are not the brothers like the face design. This will push down the price of the part of the IP the brothers may own. Then Disney will buy it back and life will continue.

I think so too. May 27 looms

I think there next project will be when they open a McDonalds cause they all have been black listed in the gaming industry!

If they can avoid making it a buggy mess, i think it can be a decent game. They’d have to expand a bit on different alien classes tho. Something like samurai xeno, val xeno, etc.

Plus they already have the blueprint for it. Its called Among Us

You think McDonald’s would take such a risk?

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Lol! Yeah the MCD would work them till they quit and then boom we have another corporate location lol!!!

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They would talk the owner of that location into making another asymmetrical game hamburger vs McDonald employees

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Nah ut will be Hamburglar vs the McDonaldnites!

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Being honest, it’s a fucking miracle they haven’t been already

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I mean with OKH flaunting around that he used to work for a AAA company to this doesn’t really make him look to good! There was probably a reason he was let go!!

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Or…maybe illfonic offer better health insurance? 🤔

Let’s be honest , it looks like less work involved aswell


Lol!!! Health insurance? Lol no company gives health insurance anymore

You have to forgive my ignorance 😁 its hard to keep up with america , quite the circus it is

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