Inaccurate City Hunter

and another thing…if u are such a fun boy…u should start making your own version of the mask in a program, send it to illfonic and then we talk, got it little boy?

dude, what the hell are you saying?! There never was a movie mask made for humans to were - actor always wears a yautja head mask under the helmet - this helmet would have never fit on top of a human head. It is design to be worn on a yautja head. Please look at behind the scens photos.

I have one, emaild Illfonic 2 days ago, no response


Yeah, he’s overall in the 85% accurate range, where the Jungle Hunter and Elder are closer to 95%. But only a hardcore predator geek like myself would know or care.


I thought this forum is swarmed by ppl like us XD

what are u saing and what iv said.
do u understand what im talking about or not?

Yes, you are trying to convince ppl that movie prop helmets are made for human heads, so inaccuracy in game version helmet is acceptable quz its designed for the predator head - that is not correct. Movie props are made for Yautja heads, actor needs to put on a yautja head mask first in order to be able to put the helmet on. It will not fit his head without the head mask. In other words - no excuse for City Hunter helmet being inaccurate, it should be just like in the movie. Period


Personally I am seeing a lot of complaining about minor detail.

And when I mean minor I’m talking about barely seeing minor difference when I look myself.

Can someone point out what I am not seeing? Maybe some screenshots side by side of the movie and the game with it spelled out, because I want to understand what all the fuss is about?

and second, is made up in a program, i always ask those who complain about this if they can manage themselfs to do something like illfonic has done…
probably in the future they will do something about the mask that everybody things is innacurate…
for me…it looks nice the way it is…if they wanna change it…their choice…but for ME…i dont care how it looks as long as if suits well.
and for now it suits well.


I get you 100% I’m not saying “change the mask now” no! There are more important things to focus on just now. All I’m saying is address those inaccuracies when time will allow, quz a lot of ppl bought this DLC to get their favourite pred from a iconic movie - we simply want him to look like the one from the movie, and I understand that the details we are talking about are minor, I get that we are the only ppl able to see them, but the fact is we have bought this DLC, paid money for it quz it was advertised as 97 City Hunter - for us those inaccurate details are like salt in the eye.


Thanks for sharing Noktrum.

I can see the differences a bit more now…

But I’m going to be one of the controversial few and say… I prefer the illfonic one 🙈

**braces for impact/ready to hail the storm of rotten vegetables, chairs and boos 👎 **

In all seriousness I am not adverse to a classic city hunter skin and mask as a free option of it makes people happy 👍

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This is probably the only change that I let it slip, the Predators being slightly buff, because all the Predator’s build are more similar to Scout.
Also notice how the “belt” is too low compared to the source material.

I’m ok if this changes were made duo to character models, like how the mask was changed so it could fit the others models, but I belive they should make slight changes to make CH more screen accurate:
-Green eyes(or a different eye color)
-Wider head/helmet(if doesn’t effect the others)
-Smaller “mouth piece” of the mask
-Proper copper color
-Base of the mask extended to cover his mandibules
-Remove the syringe sound in his roar
-Change his laser sound effect
-Change his plasma shot color
-Add “rings” on his dreads locks
-Rise the “belt” on his chest to be more close to his neck


Yet your still here. Move along sir

I would also add

  • Remove netting from left arm
  • Make netgun about 35% smaller
  • Mask… the goddamned mask… XDDDD

I do actually like Illfonics take on him, just that bloody mask… and netting on his left arm… and 100+ more minore details XDDDDD


Oh shit never noticed that


Just to add to this;

  • His leg armor should also be a dark grey or olive. City Hunter’s leg armor isn’t copper like the rest of him.
  • His wrist blades should retract into the gauntlet. While I’m not sure if the actual prop did he certainly in-universe can as several shots have them fully retracted.

What is a fun boy? And I don’t have the necessary software to develop a model for the game and why would I spend my time doing so when the professionals are supposed to be doing that?

Agreed. It definitely isn’t movie accurate but it is decent, for sure. The body/armor is excellent. The netting on the left arm is annoying but the mask is by far the biggest discrepancy from the movie character.