Inaccurate City Hunter

Ok so I’m happy and appreciative that city hunter Is in the game. However he is a bit inaccurate to the film and would like it to be made accurate.
1.There was no wire mesh On his left arm in the movie.
2.his mask needs to be redone

Please fix these inaccuracies


Oh my god who cares about this. There asking 7 more dollars for a bullshit in accurate skin with no mask. They can’t do anything right. Fix the game first PLEASE. By that I mean make a totally new game that doesn’t suck or do something to make this train wreck Playable. I don’t know how any of you can accept this game for what it is. So much potential so poorly executed

the mask is fine, the angle makes it like its curved, but is not, try looking at it from a side and u will see.
is just like in the movie



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None of us have ‘accepted’ this lol

I wish that were true but in all the fighting Ive done to make this game better on here, with each passing month the people who have ideas to fix the game are fading out and the people who think everything is fine are far more prevalent.

Its… Sad.


It’s really not…


Lol your just bad at the game

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Thank you

Man if you have something important to say, please do. But you dont need to call me bad on every single post you can find.

If you are crying like a salty baby I am. Git Gud!!!

I mean please continue then. Have at it.

We’ve PAID for something that was advertised as 97 City Hunter - its not a free update, its a paid DLC, it needs to be movie accurate. Period


100% MY POINT!
City Hunter should be Movie accurate period @IllFonic


sigh…u know the mask that is there in the left is ment for the human skull…not predator skull…
in the term of making props to use in a movie…even do u have the costume etc etc…
the mask is much more for a human despite the bulky face from the right side.
and that.s a mask custom made.
and second there are a lot of mask that are copy to this one and soo on.
for me…it dosent matter if is the same or not for the others…
they tried something good and they succeded in my opp.

Looking at the bottom two pictures its clear to me that real city hunter has a wider forehead and thinner face. Which I think may be the cause of the slightly disproportionate mask in game

Sigh, you do you know that the picture on top-left is a movie prop replica and how the mask should actually look, right? Not sure what you are trying to say past your first ‘statement’ because you aren’t forming complete sentences or even sentences that make sense. His point is that the in-game mask is not movie accurate.

The bottom-right picture drives home the point even more so; the proportions are incorrect (when comparing to the movie version).

If you like it, then you’re entitled to that 100%. But when comparing side-by-side in the above pictures, it is clear that it isn’t truly movie accurate. There are other comparisons out there (in this forum as well as others) that reiterate the point.


That mask is the actual City Hunter mask from Predator 2. Not sure what you mean by its for human skull? No pred masks were ever made for human skulls


then if u dont understand, read more.

dude, think like this…the mask in the left is not for a real predator…is for the actor in the movie…
this is something that not everybody understands.