Increase damage done by bear trap and net gun

It would make them better instead of useless and open up more options for predator.

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Not gonna happen bud

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I know iam just gonna keep pointing out how bad illfonic is at making games


I like the cut of your jib



@Thunder-Cats it’s your time to shine


They are meant to trap, not to deal damage.


There can be only one Chad!

Now Time for the real issue!!

Useless you say!?!?! Need more Damage? You say!!

So thats not how any of this works! Thats not how any of this works!!

You just sound like you cant hang and choose when to use your traps!!!

Im sorry you have poor management and lack the proper brain fortitude to plan an attack accordingly!!!

So is it hard being dubious individual in today’s society?? I would imagine so!!

So you need to go ahead

Before you make a thread like this! With little to no explanation or thought!! There Kevin!!

Awwww muffin are you offering your opinion or trying to be cool 😎

What good is trapping one guy for 12 secs surrounded by 3 teammates you must not face good players

Chad status revokedmasseffect-grunt

He didn’t say it was good, he said that’s their purpose and that it should stay their purpose

Awwww muffin

There useless and a waste of time. I have never needed them to win a match. Again whats the point of trapping a player for 12 seconds surrounded by 3 teammates. You must not face many pre-made teams lucky you

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No no

He’s got a point

They’re useless

I just never use traps because good players know when there are traps or not, so it must seem that you never face any competent teams.

Useless is a strong word. The wrist launcher is Useless. Nets and Traps are niche

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Like I said before I have never needed them to win a match. Whats the point of trapping someone for 12 seconds surrounded by 3 teammates. The whole point of the post was that they are useless which you reinforced. So iam confused are you stupid or did you just not read any of this lol

You literally just replied to me saying I don’t face any good players, read what you have said before calling others stupid. Traps are meant to trap not deal damage, drop them on players, down that player, then throw a trap at whoever tries to revive them.

Compared to almost any other game, they are pretty fucking useless.