Increase Match length

15 min for a game is too short, with preds long drawing the game out or Ft blowing through the objectives. Increase the match to 25 or 30 min and give some more missiosn for Ft and pred.

20min where Friday the 13th is set-at is good time length.

It’s 5 more than we have now, 30min is too long of a match time.

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I think 5 more minutes would suffice but more importantly, they need to change how the helicopter works. FT should no longer be able to call the chopper, rather the chopper comes at the the last five minutes of every match.

20 minutes are ok… Extraction should be possible in last 2 mins… But more resources for FT must be added

I made a thread discussing match length briefly.
Another 5 minutes isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I actually favor longer rounds,) but it quickly becomes a question of how that time is filled, how to make that time entertaining for both Pred and FT, and how to actually make the 5 minutes valuable.

Presently any mission can be completed in < 5 minutes with FT that goes unmolested. And I’ve had very, very few games actually go to time out unless I’m deliberately trying for stealth kills… or the FT is abandoning mission progress to try and chase.

The real issue is missions or lack thereof. FT need more than one mission per match. Extraction shouldn’t happen until the last five minutes of every match. Add 2nd round of reinforcements if need be. If this were to happen it would be cool if FT respawn as OWLF operatives (because it’s cool and FT are dead) who have been tracking FT the whole time. Maybe they spawn in with a timed buff to health and specialized gear for tracking the predator.

I dont think they need to increase the mission time I think they need a time limit to when the chopper can be called in so in a 15 min match the Heli should only be able to call for extraction at the 10 min mark and that is when it spawns the location aswell. Gives the Predator 10 mins to find and hunt the prey before they get to try to leave