Infinite ammo during quick play matches for SOME Predator players.. HOW?!

I am wondering, how do ‘SOME’ Predator players seems to have infinite ammo?! Cheating or Exploiting

The past few Quick Play matches the Predators seems to be throwing over 20 Combisticks, over 20 bear traps, over 20 motion detectors, over 20 net gun nets, appears to have infinite cloaking, knows exactly where all Fireteam members are located on the map without using Target Isolation or scanning it’s very strange

Can you capture video any of this?

Which system are you playing on?

There are some known PC exploits for Fireteam to have infinite(about 300) Frag grenades/gear, but I’m not sure about on the predator side.

Key word SEEMS

Well for a start Predators can pick up their Combistick again after throwing it I hope you know that
The Net Gun carries 15 nets which is already close to 20
They probably appear to have infinite cloaking if they’re using Bionic because he is the only class with Infinite cloak and thermal
Some players may have been stacking energy based perks e.g. modified reserve, light bender, energy cell if used on other classes may appear to have more or less infinite cloak
Over 20 Bear Traps and Motion Detectors is just a common case of exaggeration

Have you ever considered that the Predator might just be GOOD at the game?
Plus sometimes the Pred doesn’t even need to pop Target isolation if the Fireteam are blasting the hell out of the AIs or doing a mission that entails a lot of explosions etc. Because he can hear them or see sound bubbles.
Some Predators will also know the mission you are doing so they’ll know exactly where to go, to find you.
Most of the time you probably might just not even notice them using Target Isolation because it is a similar noise to a couple that play when the mission is being completed. You may also not hear the Target Iso scan over the gunfire from yourselves and AIs.

Not very likely, if at all, to be exploits or cheaters. Cheaters don’t bother with this game. Some people are just that good. There is also a massive skill gap between the potatoes and the veterans of this game.



just another one of those people who just learned english and decided to demonstrate their skills with dramatic scenerios. *CLAP

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Combisticks… bow … disc etc … can be retrieved for later use
Also … how do you know they aren’t using target isolation to find you ?
And lastly … what are the names of some of these predator players ?

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This is not exclusive to PC and it has already been demonstrated it can be done on console with a controller.

Knock it off with the “only PC players cheat”

It’s also non infinite, is up to 320, though you can get up to 100 with each ammo crate use (ammo bags do not provide restock)

Probably me lmao if he’s talking about Combistick, Traps and always being aware of the FT whereabouts lol

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I fucking hate this game seems to bring mostly unexperienced gamers and/or people unfamiliar with FPS games.

Their “aim-bot”, “wall hack” and “cheating” outcries show they’ve never played a game where people actually cheat. Where you are killed from a mile away by a bullet you didn’t even hear


Yeah literally man I get exactly what you mean.

I have played like 3 Fireteam public matches today and the Predator only found us when we called the Chopper in 2 of those games. In the 3rd he found us after 5 minutes or so and died in 10 seconds flat.

90% of the player base on this game are completle potatoes and seem to come to the philosophy that if anyone is better than them, they are a p*ssy and a cheater🤣

Whyy are you still playing the game and why are you here Jelou?


Boredom I guess

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want a hamburger with your potatoes?

I’d rather take a steak, cause I mash them potatoes every day

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mash them good!

Don’t think so. You got a link?

Haven’t stream lately but already play with console players doing it, along with the “forbiden” specialization exploit

You guys are quick to state “oh PC players cheat” without any proof, but for console players… “oh no, no video then I don’t believe you” … fuck outta here with that bullshit

I’ve even seen streams of console players adjusting gamma settings while on night maps to see better. Goes to show the whole “pc players lowering graphics to see better” is bullshit. The only reason you complain is because the option is not given to console, not that is “cheating”.

Time and time again is the same bullshit… complaining about “pc exploits” because they are easier to do with a K&M than it is to do on a stock controller. There are modded controller, turbo controllers, etc. and all is needed to do a lot of exploits is rapid inputs.

Point is, if known how to do it, most people will do them, regardless of what you and many others may believe. Be it for fun and giggles or because you are literal trash and need it in order to win.

Same shit about people complaining about FT “meta” and exploits, but using Pred exploits is okay… meh…


It triggers them faster when your name is Aimbot. 😆

I love that reversed psychology or double standards, however you wanna call it.

“If I exploit, that’s fine, 'cause I’m the one doing it, but if you do the same shit against me, then you’re a cheater, trash, bad etc”.

Fuck that.
If you wanna do me dirty, I’ll do you the same, just don’t cry after and play victim.
That’s my moto.


You gonna compare using 300 syrettes on public matches to a macro that only allows Preds to do insta combi/bow hits on private matches while hosting with fast hands perk as you proved it only worked there despite the ft main paranoia of being largely used in public games ?

Most of the so called Predator exploits are affected by ping, so they won’t do in public matches. Even then they are not nearly as overpowered as ft exploits.