Insane matches versus PRO PC sniper squads!

So I was doing some regular Elder Predator gameplays and ran into some REALLY good sniper squads, some of these guys were landing sniper shots from half-way across the map! I recorded some really sweaty gameplay footage of me going up against these incredible players, feel free to watch the video and let me know what you guys think about these teams :)

Click here to see the video


Oh wow, that was some good gameplay.

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Thanks mate, I do admit they had control of most of the match, but thankfully all I needed is the one moment where I got the upper hand to turn the tide :)

Very good gameplay there… 👍I had one similar match yesterday but FT kill me at the extraction, so i was like wow gg what a good premade FT and 2sec later they Tbagged my corpse lol 😁

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Usually, people tbag when the enemy frustrated them. So its probably a form of compliment :)

I know, and I don’t mind if they do it but it’s a little awkward 😁

that was the members of the premade teams of Dice rigth there you have great player tho Arhon completly abuse of the Macro turbo for increase his speed attack when parry ;)

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Doesn’t matter, no macro parry is stopping this beautiful ElderSword ❤️

I don’t know any of those guys since I don’t have that much time to do private matches with my daily upload schedule, but I’m kinda happy to see that the “You’re trash and only pubstomp noobs” comments aren’t here yet lol.

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well you wont here that from them, they aree a russian team for the major part or atleast what i can see of dice stream in generals

but yeah blackwater is probably the best map for the predator so far you where lucky to fall on that one man, very nice play at the end

Backwater is the worst man, sometimes it gets bugged and doesn’t spawn pigs 😭

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yes but its also the best map for the predator for hide, hit and run and do ambush as you don’t have that much of good space for the sniper meta to spot you and shot you down compare to the two other map

Nice games and of course:

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sniper does so much dmg

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I think the damage is fine, it’s just that their accuracy is nuts 👀