Soon you’ll be looking for a new home.

He huffed and he puffed and signed a gae eviction notice.

Imagine if @OldKingHamlet stopped by to give us a lesson in fair treatment of forum members and NSFF (forum) posts. The first thing he’d hear from the forum would be:

  1. Where’s the roadmap
  2. Can you release JH for everyone
  3. Can you fix Fanatic

And his response: Please make posts about these topics in the Feedback section

Edit: damn autocorrect


I’ll allow it

ladron juzga por su condicion

but if it got y’all this worked up… worth it

I’ll make sure to keep reporting until they finally close it.

Here’s hoping fantasma returns to post more illegal shit

Careful now or I’ll be forced to find @P-willie2000



At least he’s not gonna suffer like @Fire if they close the forum

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Yes, but he’ll find some past dirt on you to make @illfonic take your request less seriously. Everyone here has transgressed.

Why do you think they keep the forums open? Is it something that’s out of their control (Sony)?

the banning or closing of the forum has nothing to do with me being a saint. I ain’t. Never claimed to be.

The forum is abandoned and needs to be either actively moderated or closed.

It goes to show how much people here want to “protect children” but don’t give a fuck when pornographic content is shown (illegally) on a website that is not adult oriented, specially when we all know the vast majority of the playerbase are children.

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How do kids get mature games? Surely Steam or Illfonic should have some kind of age checks. Not that you cang go around that, but that’s why the should do a better job with it. What happens if a parent emails them that their kid was able to buy the game?

ESRB Ratings are guides, not law. They are there so that parents use their “common sense” and have an idea to decide what games their children play. Whether the parents follow the guidelines or not is up to them, not to the government.

Now on pornography, yes, showing or exposing pornography to children is illegal, at least in the USA at the Federal Level. Regardless if said exposure was done on purpose or not, knowingly or unknowingly.

Because this forum does not have any age restriction and is a public website without any warning of such content, posting pornography here is a crime in the USA and both the content poster as well as the website owner are held accountable for it. Obviously if the poster is not from the USA, following prosecution may be almost impossible, so authorities often prosecute website owners.

This is why after FOSTA-SESTA craigslist banned prostitution ads. The government would have go after them rather than sex workers.

How is this different from a porn site? They also have no restrictions and supposedly noone complains, or at least nothing is done to curb access?

all porn sites, or at least those hosted in the USA, have an age restriction disclaimer.

If parents don’t use age based content filtering, that’s on them. But the warning is there to comply with the authorities. Not having it would get them in trouble

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Ok, makes sense. So what’s stopping illfonic from getting one for the forums?

The possible outrage against Sony Entertainment for condoning an “adult oriented” website for a video game.

Remember the game is owned by Sony, not illfonic.

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Doesn’t the game itself have skinned corpses that are by definition of a skinned corpse nude.
If they didn’t make the game or the forum to discuss said game 18+ would it not be the same?

Did I just discover something that Illfonic and Sony’s legal teams missed?

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You know, you’re the only one here who’s actually done anything illegal. So I’m not sure how you’re quick to want to report anyone.

But it’s a fascinating case study to just see how badly you deflect and project on here.
Seriously you have mental issues.

First off, you’re a liar. Many people called you out for hacking, and you always got super defensive and said you didnt hack.

I called that shit out from the start.

If you dont hack, why do you get so upset?
Well we know now, cause ya hack.

Second, this place is based off an mature movie and game. Its not meant for kids.
Tho its baffling, no?

What you’re saying is, you think it’s fine for kids to be seeing people skinned alive, decapitated, stabbed, just extremely violent shit.

Tho let’s be honest, you dont care about kids, you be trying to throw drag shows for them.

And 3rd, you’re seriously delusional.
How are you gonna claim I’m obsessed with this place when you’re the one who’s so upset with what happens here?

I dont get it.
You go and report some bitch getting railed, but when people are telling others to kill themselves, or theyd kill em, ect, you said nothing.

So tell me, where’s you’re reporting when the multiple people who told me to kill myself was going on?

Ah right, you dont care about that.
Remember, I had someone literally say they were gonna shoot me and kill me twice, they weren’t joking either.

Actual threats and death wishes, for @JelouGaming that’s fine, but a titty?
Oh dear god please no.

you’re out of your mind. But for the life of me I dont understand why you’re so obsessed with anything going on. Dude none of us care. The more time passes the more everything I’ve claimed about you is proven true.
As I said, I only make observations.
And what I see is you have severe issues and just far gone mentally. You’re not well.

Like all jokes aside, you have issues man.
You’re sick.

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That’s more of a side effect. It should be done for the purposes of the M rated game. The site is not for kids anyway, so why not cover all bases. Plus, even if there is unsavory content here, then moderators can take care of that.

Im walking around the issue, but why not go the extra step.

That’s stretching it, i think. It not the same as nude porn

All I know is that I’ve seen some nude booty hanging in the trees from my time in the jungle.

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Gore is expected. Game get M rating for that. But there are no games that get M rating and specify porn.

Fair, but still not porn or porn intended.

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