Is hacking in ps4 possible?

Hi guys! I’m playing the game usually as a fireteam member, sometimes some predators are very good in shooting ,so good that could it be hacking?
Are there hackers in the game (ps4) ?

No, only on PC…matter of fact, all PC players are hackers.

During the game, can you see if a player is using ps4 controller or ps4 keyboard and mouse?
Are the gamers using ps4 keyboard and mouse in the game? Just curious

Of course they are cheaters on PS4
You can do even more evil undetectable stuff on PS4 than on PC.
Like this:

We PC players are only the ones who are good enough at this game to get blamed for cheating constantly. :P


it is possible but very harder

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How much one of those cost tho? But I will not call someone a cheater unless I have video evidence or i am being a troll lol

I’ve yet to see any “cheating” by using hacks on ps4. There are those buttheads that exploit glitches though. And I dont think its possible to see if a ps4 user has a keyboard/mouse.

Hardware cheats are trendy on all systems.
I mean really good gaming chairs.

They really can’t detect it because of how device IDs work and people will argue its not hacking because these are peripherals and hardware mods not running on the OS.
Though DMA scripts have to be coded from game to game and there has to be an coder + audience for it. I’m curious how good the chronus zen is and for which games.

$80-$200 and is TECHNICALLY a peripheral that enhances your aim assist.

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To expensive lol.

You wouldn’t pay $130 for autoaim? I think these are mainly for COD warzone/fortnite and the more popular stuff though. Newer ones give you access to a whole database of scripts, but someone has to make them first.

No I would rather spend that 130 on a custom controller shell with no extra bells and whistles lol that has the Predator symbols and stuff on it

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Unless they lose then the Predator is the hacker

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Contrary to popular belief, yes you can. I’ve done it before on my old PS4. It’s not easy tho. In fact, it’s such a damn hassle, it’s not the worth it. First you gotta pay to modify your PS4 illegally. Then you gotta download some mumbo jumbo off certain websites for certain games.

Or can a pc player change their platform logo to psn? Or am I just trippin? Or the other way around?

Custom firmware’s a bit different and you’re in a constant battle with sony’s firmware updates

Plug and play aim assist has a bright future on all platforms though

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I remember years ago when I played Wolfenstein Territory with PC it was so much easear in aiming, I mean it’s just easear to aim with using keyboard and mouse than with ps4 controller.
But I like to play with ps4 controller more, you get more into game feeling but that’s just my opinion (not going to buy keyboard & mouse for ps4)

In no way does a keyboard help you aim better, it’s all in the mouse.

Yeah that’s what I meant, the mouse. With the mouse it easer to aim, I just added the whole concept keyboard and mouse but it’s in the mouse thing.

yes it is, the whole psn network was taken over once and on a smaller scale there have been hackers using speed hacks, aimbot, wallhacks and stat changes etc. ive witnessed it first hand during kill cams where the guy sat in a bush and snap shot the whole team through buildings etc and thats why i dont play it anymore. so yeah it can be hacked and ive witnessed it first hand