Is it OK to use macros in this game?

I have endless discussion with some players if usage of macros is OK in this game.

Is there any chance hearing from @IllFonic if the game is supposed to be played with macros?

Here is video of macro used to fire pistol like it has automatic mode:




My thoughts on it are that they wouldn’t be permitted in a tournament. They impart an advantage in consistency that simply isn’t duplicated by regular play.



Make grimtech have automatic alt fire mode


In this case it’s really not ok.
In my opinion, it’s only fair to use macros while playing Predator and just to change weapons. And nothing more.


THe fire rate and damage is no different than an SMG. Just looks different.


Macros provide a “one less thing” to worry about scenario. Easier to focus on aiming and moving while something else takes care of the shooting. Which provides a small advantage. On top of that while it is easy for a human to duplicate the speed a macro works at it’s not possible to do it consistently.

Is it cheating? No…not really. Is it an unfair advantage? Basically yes. Do I give a shit? Not at this point because it’s been so beaten to death Arnie just asked it “What the hell are you?”

Edit - Solution? Just make all pistols have a full auto fire selection to eliminate the need for the macro. Meaning the only time people are using it is to escape the net


Just going to post what I put in the other thread.

PC playing is essentially an arms race where anything goes. A macro that effectively turns a pistol into an automatic weapon? Sure, why not. Another that limits recoil? Yeah, fine.

On PC there isn’t a level playing field, and individual player skill, while still important, isn’t the sole factor. The other significant factor is how many little ‘player aids’ you can utilize.

Now I say ‘player aids’ as I don’t want to accuse anyone in this thread of cheating, but as I’m playing on a platform that doesn’t have anywhere near this level of crutches to help you play, I do find this shit very shady and morally dubious. To the point where I would say if you’re using macros which obviously do give you an advantage (on top of the significant M/K advantage) and make playing easier and more automated, turn your crossplay off and stick to playing other PC players who are more likely to have the same ‘anything goes’ approach to these ease-of-play add-ons as you do.

Playing PS4 players while using these is not cool, and it’s things like this that have contributed to the perception of PC players being cheaters.


Do you guys really think ilffonic is going to put in some incredible anti-cheat mechanism to detect all 3 PC players that use macros? Just let it die man. PC players have other advantages that are far more important.

Im uploading a video of a private match I did to test the grimtech

It’s totally fine as it’s easily replicated on console without the aid of macros

I’m a huge fan of this weapon now

Thank you @JelouGaming

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I’ve replicated it by simple smashing my mouse button, yes its harder to aim and smash the button but come on. So much of an issue out of a possible macro to shoot the pistol a bit better when aiming.

By definition, yes, it’s cheating. However, there are certain circumstances that would warrant using these methods, and that needs to be considered.

@GreyBack just quoted someone with text I couldn’t agree more with.

In my honest opinion, it all depends on who you’re playing with. Friends, competitive, casual, etc.

Then you need glasses since nowhere does it states that in the definition.

Macros are absolutely sexually unfaithful and no one will be able to convince me otherwise


Well you do a better “manual” job with them.

its called bump fire and is a real thing

I don’t see how is any different than for example a hand held minigun which in reality does not exist or an auto AR or AK which, why in reality exist, they are banned from usage in war (though, who the fucks goes to war following rules?)

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to be able to do something consistantly and without error is a skill

human beings are not perfect no human can do a high skill action 100% of the time there will always be errors
in the case of aiming a gun if you can 100% of the time pull a trigger 15times a second and aim down sight and land all the shot without recoil causing you to miss than gee that sure does take some skill to do that

if you are taking a tool to skip over a type of skill so that every other action following it is easier whereas everyone else does not than yes by definition you are cheating as there is no tool in game that permits this action


I don’t know Macro’s have been hard to tell whether they’re fine or not.

The thing is, aiming is all on you, what it does it making smashing a button more easy as you’re aiming. It makes the possibility of error LESS but does not invalidate the probability of error.

I would also like to point out this works like on 1 or 2 damn pistols, something that I find you should replace anyway with an SMG and do better.

making the chance of error less is the problem as the skill involved is by doing both actions simultaneously consistantly

also yes generally you probably should use one of the 2 smgs however the pistols would do higher dps when done this way once buffs get involved