Is this the normal fire rate for 1011-12?? (video)

In case you’re wondering if the video is spead up, check the timer on the top center. (Give the gif time to load its 26MB)

Here are the stats for 1011-12:

From what I get its 2.5-3 seconds in that video. You should be able to replicate it if you smash the button. On the other hand he could be using a macro to make it easier.

You could go into custom games, start a game by yourself and time yourself how long it takes you to empty an extended mag.

Decided to test how fast I can shoot the 1011-12 pistol. Its about 2.something seconds to unload the pistol with extended mag, no macros:

Ok thank you for verifying! I appreciate it!

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“Make it easier?”

Well I could run to the store, or I could drive a car to make it “easier.”

A macro does all the work, and does it perfectly every time. It cannot be replicated by the human finger. Play how you want, but don’t pretend that it’s fair.

Using a macro, my brother found that maximum firerate is:


  • 12.5 RPS
  • dumps 14 round mag in 1.12 seconds


  • 16.7 RPS
  • dumps 30 round mag in 1.79 seconds

I’ll get the damage numbers in soon, but you can see why a macro makes the grimtech19 extremely strong.

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I see u got the clip from my last video - its me using the 2nd pistol. Yes u can totally do that if u click fast enough. It’s that good

Macros are fair and a stable of PC gaming for a long time. Its like someone not using headsets screaming that he using the TV’s audio is at a massive disadvantage over someone using headsets.

Also your analogy does not work. The car outperforms the human by far when we consider getting from point A to B (as long as the car can actually drive there).

As long as you can replicate it and I can, check the video, no idea what the problem is.

Do you have a macro for it? Personally I tested it and found no need for one.

I dont use any macros. U literally can empty the whole clip in like 1,5 s just by clicking it fast enough

I was just curious because the above guy was upset about macros.

I don’t use that pistol, the first time I tried to see how fast I can empty it with extended mag (video above) I did it in 2 seconds and something. I am sure that with a bit of use I can improve that.

You didn’t, and no one can. You would have to have perfect timing every trigger pull all the time at maximum firerate but without exceeding maximum firerate, not to mention mashing a button will negatively effect aim.

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Dude, it does not matter. Its up to the devs to ensure macros can’t screw over the game. Both my keyboard and mouse come with dedicated macro keys and software to use them.

On this, we agree.

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Using macros (rapid fire in this case) won’t make you a better player, you still need to land your shots.

It’s like saying that playing with low graphics settings will give you a huge advantage. If you’re trash, you’re trash no matter what you use.

Top tier players can play bare bones and still kick ass with no macros and max graphics. We do it all the time in privates.

I dare any mediocre pc player to run rapid fire on the 1911 and set the graphics to low. I guarantee he is still going to suck.

The graphics to low is not even a thing anymore, not unless you want more frames. Right now you can see the predator better with the settings on high. At least on my tests.

I think you might be right.

It actually allows you to take your mental focus off of firing. That’s the main reason I find it unfair. If you can one touch it thats one less thing your actually thinking about which is actually a big advantage in a game where seconds count in an engagement.

“It doesn’t matter if I can click at that speed” - Well…yeah it does because you can’t consistently. These are the two reasons to use macros and why they give an advantage.


lol this is my favorite argument aside from “noo tap firing semi-autos destroys the lifespan of my mouse or controller!”

Disregard people defending their struggle macros in DBD, ruining RTSes, ruining cooldowns in MOBAs, and getting semi-automatics nerfed into the ground in every game they touch. Basically anything that requires tapping they believe should be automated. They swear games are designed around use of rapid fire scripts. Scoff at you for not running autohotkey and finding the anti-recoil sweetspot on every game you play.


Sorry man but its the developers fault, they could very well put maximum tap speed that does not require you to tap like a madman for it to be optimal and then balance the damage around that.
This is like saying headsets are ruining stealth games because you can pinpoint that guys location.

I remember people complaining in SC2 when they made you produce units from all buildings or something like that from selecting all buildings(way, way, way back). New gadgets and tech keep coming out, like it or not. I bet sometime in the future people will be complaining that they can’t keep up with another human that has a chip in his head, well, get one yourself or deal with it.

This is the type of argument that ensures people keep crossplay turned off.

A K&M set up as an advantage isn’t enough?

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The only time i see macros as okay is in like MMO’s like WoW where there’s even ingame tools to set them up, because everyone has access to it.