Isabelle is garbage

Isabelle she is too weak

She bae

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She deserve 160 hp without perk

She’s the weakest FT DLC so far.

For a character that killed who knows how many Preds, even NFL Dante is far stronger than her.

I know why they dosen’t want her to be strong because everyone dosen t care about her and just want the sniper

Her sniper is trash bro.

Maybe so buff her she have the style of dutch 2025 and she destroys some preds

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She’d be super OP. Then with thick skin she’d have 185 health, have a damage boost higher than Bane from 50+ And have scout speed and stamina. Would instantly be the strongest class

The sniper is definitely not trash. Hits harder than the barret, but maintains the fire rate. So effectively, if you’re landing your shots it has higher dps than the bolt action

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Isabel is trash bro, she’s my last class choice. Now that they fixed her cumming scream, she’s even worse.


She’s IDF, the only thing she’s killed is Palestinian kids. She got taken out by Eric Foreman yo…

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She broke her ankle falling into a 5 foot deep hole! Like what! She should have 90hp and a the falcon mask should be replaced with a glowing blinking target!!

Isabelle doesn’t need 160hp and plus in the comics about the what happened after she doesn’t kill a single pred. Royce kills like 3 including a huge genetic modified 4 arm Pred!

Isabelle should have been left in that Hole!!

She doesn’t have any good specialisations too tbh, scavenger is cool but when I was using it, it was like 9/10 missions I wouldn’t find a weapon crate. Her perk points are rather low for having only an extra 5 hp from Scout/Recon. She’s also pretty slow. She’s bottom tier as Fireteam goes.

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The game doesn’t require any more op broken classes.

Since she’s a sniper maybe give her passives for longer mud duration or lower body temp while standing still for a few seconds.

Good and she should stay that way! She was the worst character in the movie willing to take her own life 30 mins into the movie! Idk why they reconed her being alive but it was the worst choice ever

I would’ve preferred Royce instead, someone who actually fought the Predators but then again it would be another Assault style class, it’s hard to pick and choose characters whilst not making the game too copy and paste.


I would’ve made her in between the speed of Scout and Recon, 13 perk points (she only has 10 currently), specialisations would be Sniper, Overwatch, Amphibious and Fanatic. Passives would be Mud Cover Duration and increases damage to Sniper Rifles at range.

I think this would be a much more relevant version than what we have now. Still not as good as the Dutch’s or Dante.

She’s just a better scout lol

I mean having a lot of stamina is really good, she needs the speed of a scout now.

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I think if they just buffed her passive to work from 25 meters or 30 she’d be awesome. 50 is actually kinda far. If they buffed that you’d see her on every team with a sniper