It takes some balls...

Stop stroking basic development decisions every company makes. Yes they delayed it. Cool. Why are we hyping them for doing so. Like no shit delay stuff that’s not done. If everyone would just say this game is not as good as it should have been, maybe we’d get the fixes it needs


Wonder how much balls it takes to keep the entirety of fans in the dark for so long.

Whomever is responsible for it.

Not finger pointing at illfonic.

Someone thinks this is doing the franchise better than harm…

We need something.


Aside from the demand, I think something else influences it, that the update is too big for a small game, and they have to divide it and test it. For example


As much as I want to believe that it’s only because of the state of the update’s stability as per usual, the fact that the Livestream itself was postponed, which is something that llfonic likes to do, is signs that something’s up and most likely to do with the Lawsuit.

Plus, it’s not like Illfonic’s Zipper Shut way of communications is making a lot of the situation better for us. We, dunno what the hell’s going on. they do, or we should hope that they do. I’ve always been lenient on Ilfonic’s progress with the game and updates, but I would very much like a simple announcement just stating what’s up?

I would rather take “Hey, the Update’s Delayed because of the Lawsuit”, than nothing at all, in the dust.


I don’t argue any of this. I do however wish communication was better in regarding this. I for one would be totally okay with them coming out and saying “Hey, had some QA problems, we’re working on it, hang tight guys”

Instead, and again I’ve said 100 times I don’t blame illfonic for this, we’re just told there’s a delay for the next live stream and that’s all. I get read between the lines and all but this is getting ridiculous.


Anything is better than nothing.

Unfortunately “nothing” has gotten @IllFonic this far. Unfortunately.

The big wigs are gonna bleed this cash cow dry…

Why start now?

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Its because of the lawsuit Captain - we ain’t getting shit this year ;-)

We’re not.

We’re saying don’t attack them for it

The entire forum has been jumping down there throats


Yea, because the obvious thing to do is to go werewolf and act like literal clowns. This forum’s filled with some actual spergs to be brutally honest.

Good intending spergs, but spergs nonetheless.



The game is bad but look at who were dealing with

An Indie company

With restrictions (supposedly at least) placed on them by Sony who has offered no help

With little game development experience

On a game as a service title

Who thought the game would be good?

But no it’s Illfonic’s fault you overestimated Illfonic.

People always expected Concrete Jungle 2 when this game was announced. I know I never expected a Triple AAA experience when I heard Illfonic was at the helm, but people are still salty bout that.


In all honesty, regarding the whole lawsuit thing, illfonic is more than likely just as in the dark as we all are.

I’ve worked in big companies where all these big decisions about lawsuits, layoffs, etc. are taken behind closed doors by CEO’s, board members and maybe some VP’s. Rarely they will make it down management until they are told to pull the plug, much less to regular employees (like devs). That’s why when the shit hits the fan employees are usually handed a layoff letter at their desk. 99% of the time they are unaware of what exactly is happening. They can only speculate.

Taking in consideration that illfonic is not even part of Disney or Sony and are just a hired gun, they are unlikely to have any details to share and are more than likely just following orders.


That is a fair point to make. Even my comment implied that Illfonic knew what was going down with Disney and others.

Everything’s up in the air right now, and wherever the dust settles, I guess we’ll know how to proceed. I would just want this game to still be active by the end of it.

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Has that not always been the case lol

A. Ya so…

Stop getting on Illfonic

B. It multiplied when the stream was delayed

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I mean I’m fine with them delaying stuff that’s not done. Cause like, if you don’t, you get what happened to this game on launch. An unfinished product


Ya but a whole lotta people sure aren’t Happy about it

Thinking anyone will risk trying to make a dent on the assassins creed and arkham asylum genres with a predator ip that hasnt been relevant in quite some time :/

Open world singleplayer-only games are very expensive screw ups


Literally just make a Predator Monster Hunter game. Doesn’t even need a compelling storyline like that.