Its time to speak about defuse

Yeah I love getting exfil objectives and not getting credit for exfiling because I killed the predator and defused his koonami code bomb that the 5 people who read the extras menu swear by.

no securing the body is a goal not killing him killing him does not matter if you do not secure the body

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you get the exfill objective if you defuse and exfill but yeah keep lying

Next devstream someone should remember to ask this. I bet the devs don’t even recall the extras menu being a thing

No it’s kill him, AND securing the body…

You have two goals

I know I’m being really picky but so is the extra menu being used in an argumy so it’s fair ground for nit picking.

i would pay the dev’s my entire tax return for an ama on this forum

even if they require we can’t ask about future content


Fair enough i suppose technically to secure body you must kill him first though i would stay it’s a step in the process of achieving the goal

but it could just be semantics at that point

of us looking at the same thing and coming to different conclusions as neither of us wrote it so we can’t divine the writers intention

AHA so it’s subjective (-ish whatever I’m fine with it as long as it’s not crammed down my throat either way works)

This argument can go on forever. Bottom line is, if you guys want people to try to disarm more, give us a reason to do it and no, the rules or anything similar is irrelevant. They need to implement something that rewards players that do it in a way that makes people want to do it.

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I always dislike the argument of “I’m max ranked so I won’t get anything for it” Its true. But going by that logic why are you even playing that game at all? You aren’t going to get any xp for it. “But I don’t want to wait the minute shooting AI” Then don’t. I leave behind the rest of the team if they want the xp. I just go after the Vt now that I have nothing to worry about. I find it the most annoying when my teammates chase down the predator, then don’t disarm. Like, the rest of us want to have fun too. Go play private if you don’t care about randoms.

And if we want to discuss win conditions, you can have your own personal goals you strive to achieve. That doesn’t mean you win, that means you feel like you win. If that’s all it takes to have a good time, go for it. I’d like that goal to be something that makes it fun for everyone, but telling people to respect other people on this forum is a bad thing apparently. In regards to the current debate, the quickplay hunt mode (which I assume is the basis for the conversation) is not a team deathmatch mode. The “durr I live, they ded, I win” mentality doesn’t make it a win. This is an objective mode for the FT. If you let the predator blow up, not only do you fail both Zeus’ mission and OWLF hijacking your mission, but you also cause irrevocable damage to the environment and surrounding areas because people you are trying to save live there. You survived, disgraced, and probably dying of radiation. You failed. And now with the private match modifiers, you can actually turn hunt into a deathmatch mode by turning off the objectives. Quickplay is still objective mode, and you still failed the objectives by letting him self destruct.

Do you understand how ridiculous this sentence is? The fact that we’re playing the game but we don’t disarm should tell you that we DO find something to play the game for.

Now I don’t think people like me who don’t give a damn about disarming play this game for role playing. Seriously? Doing damage to the environment? Failing Zeus?
I play for a single reason, to kill the predator, I see it as a hunt, they hunt, I hunt. Its PvP. Do you ask predators why they even play this game if they don’t claim people and just kill them from range?

Oh and quite frankly I don’t see Arnold by the end of the movie as surviving in disgrace. Then again to each his own I guess.

There is a reason why they allow you to run out of the range of the blast, why you have a big RED INDICATION “INSIDE BLAST RANGE” (or something similar) in the game. You can try to judge it anyway you want to but for me, predator dead, me alive, me alive like Arnold, me feel good.

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A PVP match. Fun. Competition.

Then what are you doing? You want to chase go chase. You want to defuse you go defuse.

We’re not saying don’t defuse but we’re not going too. Your fun is in your hands.

Yep. Pretty much. Sorry are you trying to respect people?

Grimm will see you now.

Uh we have OWLF containing the entire area and we can continue the mission after the fact. It’s not failed. Not to mention we can get more Intel and get the mission done in a new area.

They don’t highjack untill after the defuse.

Why would we care? Not just us but our soldiers. We just killed an ALIEN! I think the environment can take an L for our lives.

At most you have the village that would still be under guerilla control. Beyond that it’s guerilla territory.

We’re not the Predators. Again lore wise why would our soldiers care.

Dutch survived.

And all that’s the lore argument which is the weakest way to balance the game.

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Nope you have to find all the collectibles in every video game otherwise your just a fake gamer who actually hates games (because everything is exactly the same quality… Somehow)

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Did you read the sentence literally before that one? The one talking about xp? That one?

And that’s fine. You can set your own personal goal to make yourself feel like you’ve won. But that doesn’t change the fact that you failed the objective in the objective mode. In any other PVP multiplayer game, if you don’t finish the objective, you lose, plain and simple.

You go “ew roleplay bad” and then you bring up the movie where Arnie did not have OWLF looking to get that body, nor was he able to diffuse the bomb.

I already talked about the “durr me live, he ded, me win” as stupid. Escape the blast radius, live, deny the pred more honor (xp) by killing you in the blast. Did you not even conceive of that concept?

Of course I did. What dose it change? We obviously have other reasons to play the rest aside for the disarm even if we get nothing. Is that not obvious?

Actually we are not part of the guys that try and capture predators, we are marines going in there to complete objectives that have nothing to do with the predator. That is why you don’t drop your mission to go chase the alien. The alien is just in the way and you need to stay alive. If you want lore, we fail nothing, WE GAIN. We killed the alien and then we go and finish the missions just as well. Why not, we are alive and fine.

Oh and you do NOT lose, its a draw at worse. But to me its irrelevant, I don’t care what the game qualifies as a win. Now don’t think I don’t play as a team. I always try to work with them, I am the last one out almost all the time to ensure people can escape.

But here is the kicker. I HATE PUZZLES, I absolutely hate TIMED puzzles, I really, really hate to die. So you want me to do something I don’t like and have the strong possibility of something I don’t like to happen. Why would I do that?

Oh and BTW the predators complained until they made that puzzle more difficult then it was at first. I guess they did not consider the fact that people would then just flat out ignore it and let them blow up alone.

You don’t have OWLF looking to get the body until you disarm it. You don’t even know what the predator is for the first classes at least. Just think of the Zeus statemants about when you first tag the predator, or even the FT asking who are OWLF. No idea how this ties into you having OWLF training but whatever. Our job is NOT to capture the predator, its a BONUS, its even stated by OWLF that if we capture it we get a bonus, and when you do they say the funds are transfered to your bank account.

Oh and seriously we should have no way in fuck to disarm the bomb. Its an unknown computer, with unknown… Well everything, we don’t even know the language. The fact that you can disarm is absolutely a game mechanic.


But the OWLF was looking for the body.

And if my FT can defuse, Dutch can defuse.

Read the context. Its talking about earning xp.

What if I don’t chase and they do? What if they kill him on the other side of the map and don’t defuse? How is that in my hands?

This baby mentality of mememe is tiresome.

Not when the mission is anything subtle in the slightest. Not when you’re pulled out for a debrief rather than continuing the mission. And you can get a new mission in a new area, but this one is still failed.

I know, but I doubt they are ignoring the FT just because the pred isn’t secure yet.

Thats still failing the mission. You can live and still fail.

Listen to what zeus says, especially in Backwater.

Disgraced soldiers usually get discharged. Its not a honor thing, but soldiers who can’t do missions, don’t go on missions.

Dutch was sickly for decades. And all this lore is just the fluff behind what happened in mechanics. You played objective mode. You failed the mission. You lost. “but I was hunting the pred” Yeah? and you failed the objective in an objective game. Any other game where you have an objective and don’t do the objective, its looked down on. But here? No, of course not. “Its just how I want to play the game.” Make friends. Play private. Turn off objectives. Go play your little deathmatch.

Yes. Xp obviously isn’t the case, so that can’t be an argument.

This paragraph has nothing to do with anything I said. If you want lore, there is a giant crater where the mission used to be, and the blast has decimated much more. Any surviving Stargazer has scattered, any intel is destroyed or gone, and any spy equipment is useless.

Its a draw at best. You still failed your objective.

That’s fine. You can hate the game mechanic, so you ignore it and pretend you won because you don’t like that part of the game. That’s fine.

The puzzle was too easy. Now its more difficult than before. And if you don’t do it, you fail the objective.

Your job is to complete the mission, which can’t be done if the area is a giant crater. And OWLF is always looking to get the body, they just don’t reveal themselves until it becomes relevant.

Its the future. We have that prototype rifle. We have gear and perks about the Pred. You don’t need to know where something came from to use it. If you teach me how to use a computer, I don’t need to know who built it.

Yes You can be happy in failure. No one is stopping that.

I’ve read the context. One we enjoy doing, the other we do not. That is if they expect people to do something they don’t like, they better gain something they want or redesign it in a way we actually like doing!

What if the predators leaps on top of a big building where you stand no chance of reaching and disarming? What if he runs outside the map limits to force a draw? The answer is, shit happens.

Baby mentality? How does every single one of you who want to attack people who don’t want to disarm, end up calling us immature one way or the other…

The predator can end up dead even after you finished the mission. Anyway, I don’t see how you fail the mission if he blows up. OWLF takes over when when you kill the predator and disarm, ZEUS recomands you stick together and finish the mission and get out. Then if you somehow do end up killing the pred, OWLF pop up asking you to secure it.

You don’t become a disgraced soldier for killing and intergalactic alien and fail to disarm a bomb that would take scients years to even understand how it works. Its nonsense. The FT are the best of the very best. Nobody is going to can them for not disarming lol. After a predator kill, if anything, they would get hired by OWLF to actually hunt predators.

Nah dude, I don’t care for your head lore. I can run out of the explosion range. Its not that big. Even if in other lore other explosions are bigger, its obvious this one is not. You can consider this one also bomb defective or whatever.

What part of us not caring if we fail this objective is not clear? Yes, we don’t care. The game offers you the posibiltiy of running out of the blast range, I take it. Done!

No, the FT members have no clue how that computer/bomb works. There is no way they could disarm that. Perhaps Dutch knows but that’s it. Do you think bomb disposal technicians learn how to disarm bombs in a few seconds man? Its extremely dangerous and complicated.

And you can be happy in your failure as you blow up with nobody around you as I smile happy at your smoking crater. Next time, perhaps you will do better.

“the game offers the posibility of running out of the blast” yeah so both monster and ft loses
but if losing makes you happy go do it