Jason Voorhees Vs Michael Myers (reboots edition)

Who wins in a fight between Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th 2009 Reboot,
And Michael Myers from Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2007 Remake?

  • Jason Voorhees (2009)
  • Michael Myers (2007-2009)

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they wouldn’t fight

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You’re the first one killed in the movie.

How do I go out?

Don’t recall seeing these movies but isn’t Jason just a waterlogged undead super soldier with Down syndrome whereas Michael Meyers is just a crazy guy with a knife? How is this even a competition?

Jason lured you into the water with cuttlefish.
You drowned.

Your one weakness he knew you couldn’t resist lmao.

Fucker knows to much

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HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?🤣

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Isnt water Jason’s weakness?

In this movie, Jason uses the water.

While I think he puts up a good fight I’m gonna have to give the win to The Leprechaun.

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Classic Jason.

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Jason gives the best surprise hugs

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He really does, but his bear hugs are the best, ask Creighton Duke.

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Me. Just decapitate 'em both, they won’t die but they won’t be able to see or hit ya either.

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Canonically i think he’s posessed or some shit. I’M the crazy guy with the knife XD

Only in his nightmares

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Tbh , its a one punch kill for Jason😂