Jelou and Beer's cheat trainers exposed and how to install it
Happy hunting Predators and Fireteams. There is much more that is coming.
If somebody has complaints. Let me know, so I can fix your issues. While you are in game press NUM 8 for infinite stamina. NUM 9 infinite ammo/no reload and infinite gear included, no need for secondary slot anymore. Every gear is always infinite. NUM 7 and NUM 3 do not work in quickplay matches, only in privates and only if you are the host. That’s the way Jelou managed to defeat @AstonDB9. Keep downloading and if you see warning of ‘‘virus’’ it’s false positive, since it’s Jelou’s owned foreign domain. Completely safe 100%. I use it for months and months. In order for it to work, you have to launch game inside main menu first. After that, minimize and launch PHG cheats exe trainer and then click NUM 8 and NUM 9 to make it red.

Not my trainer btw, not sure why I’m tagged in this, the fuck are you being destructive for, can’t handle a joke so you want to try to get back at me by posting Jelou’s work? Truly mind blowing.

Alright, were playing this game then. I publically posted SFX to my discord as a resource to content creators who desire to use them as a tool and have even created example projects.

Ripped assets for user projects

Also its just normal sfx…

I think thats hello neghbor thats for alt accounts, do you even know what you’re posting. Which is Jelou’s and I haven’t even touched yet, you don’t know our testing history, you’re getting the credit wrong but it’s to be expected…

Community Knowledgeboard

I keep having to say the same shit over and over again

You asked for it my buddy, now deal with it.

I was trying to have friendly banter with you. It was satire.


Don’t worry, I will keep satiring you ;)

Whats the goal here, at the end of the day if I’m trying to be resourceful what are you actually trying to expose

Also correction again, not my CT but float data was from my findings you keep fucking that up somehow after I already told you, you keep getting the fucking credit wrong

Right now the level of possible game findings is so high but I’ve been discovering things as well as many others for a long time and you posting things before they’re ready and prepaired with my own documentation just makes everyone look like shit and esspecially when projects are not complete, you still don’t and probably will never understand what you did trying to post CT’s for destructive purposes for the general masses, the problem doesn’t happen when a few poeple are testing to see what works and what is potientially possible but an issue occurs when you post the end user conviencences like Jelou’s CT’s for example, you’re not hurting me you’re hurting everyone else

Take your meds schizo

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@LukeSkywalker backtracking 🙄

All the education in the world, supposedly, but no people skills

Look who’s talking :D :D :D you don’t like opposition and knee benders much? Only backtracker is you and among all informations in the world you got no people skills.

It’s satire 😅

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Fair enough

Amen to that

I’ll look into it

Says you :D :D :D



Nothing like a lil bit of passive income by selling user data.

Thanks sturl. Gonna go now from a few cents to a few dollars a day.

You sold it to me (FOR FREE)
P.S: Want me to send the selfie of you and your IRL wife? JUST FUCKING TEST ME!!! FUCKING TEST ME!!!