Jesus Christ Illfonic

Dude I’m sorry this game isn’t even fun anymore. Three matches. 2 blue screens. Third one was this. Let’s review. Down the guy. He’s bleeding out a bit. I decide to go finish him. Nope, combi throw was nerfed. Ok, wristblades strikes. Nope, tracking won’t work none of them connected. Could have gotten that kill with zero damage if the game actually worked. But instead predator is instantly melted because balance. Fuck this 🙄


Okay @Weevo540 for future notice when making OP/posts can you explain what is wrong with the current balance so people can know what is actually messed up with it? and so people don’t get pissy about false and useless balance changes which are issues with core mechanics and not with actual stats…

Also @OldKingHamlet Not only that is broken but FPS is so bad on even low settings… the graphical settings don’t even do much change between medium and high… low and medium is like biggest difference and so is cinematic and epic lol…

I feel I explained what was messed up here…? 🤔

No no… the reason why u got melted off is cause there is no bullet drop n shit similar to that… and illfonic is non stop adjusting dmg numbere trying to hide the real problem xD

Thank you illfonic! 3 minute wait times for Pred…I can only be so thank full for what ever it is thats keeping ppl from playing…OP!

Just had my first game 5 FT kills. LOL!


The insane damage the FT can do. They fired on me for what, two seconds? And had the game worked properly, IE my point blank wristblades strikes connected with the target, I would have taken zero damage. But three strikes in a row failed to track or connect or whatever and I’m literally on the guy.

oldkanghamlet doesn’t need to know about this.

Thats why we should revert back and try to fix the core mechanics first before number changes if needed…

Quite honestly the thing that bothers me is their stamina or aka my stamina playing fireteam today cause i can speedrun from one spot to second quick af lmao… the perks are insane…

Movement speed is just insane lol… almost as if someone were using speedhacks its giving me those vibes honestly but its not hahaha… even the running animation cant keep up with running speed it just looks as if legs are slower than movement…

who are you ppl??? I guess ppl aren’t online today…this is squarely a day to remember!

Makes me think what kind of ppl were predator mains…now that they have left this odour in the servers. They have left for the day and it smells like something…maybe its BO or day old BBQ!

It had to happen eventually.

Everything else you said I can relate to. Melee tracking is unreliable and the freezing/blue screens are terribly annoying.

When was there ever this when FT run and jump the fuck away? There really is no argument other than make everyone fustrated as to what is imaginated and what could be…

He knows, but he doesn’t have the answers so he’s quiet. As soon as he says a word, it’s going to be like pred vs a PC premade, where he’s the pred 😨

You should just be happy FT doesn’t have melee tracking, can you imagine the stabbing, there would be stabbing without end. 😂


I would be up for that if they just add godamn bullet drop and bullet projection… hell even add aim assist too lmfao… the bullet drop is so fking needed man… its not even funny at this point its sad how clean sweep preds can be againts someone with good aim lol…

I feel like the game was very well balanced before the last patch 🤷‍♀️


It was… and i think if they revert back and also do what i have written about making the laws of physics work and in general make it realistic as people say they want realism lmao… so there u go…

At this point I would settle for the hit detection actually working for ranged and melee. And fix leaping

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I’m going to speculate and this isn’t based on facts I know, so please don’t take it that way. It’s just a theory.

I don’t think we will end up with projectile based weapons for FT because the environmental armour that exists to protect the Predator is set up to be affected by the hit scan weapons and not the Pred’s.
So the tree branches with the monster hit boxes only work cause of the type of weapon. Makes sense in my head anyway.

PS. Actually we will end up with Projectile weapons on FT when that is the appropriate way to work that weapon. We have two systems, it makes sense to use both of them. (white board idea, new weapons.)

Tbh its 50/50 at this point… if you were to ask me i think that the branches should act as 50% damage reduce and 50% of dmg goes trough and that 50% that gets blocked damages the tree until it breaks it until that the bullet deals dmg to pred half and has bullet drop… thats how it should have been since start as it seems the most realistic to me atleast…

And this is the max i will compesate for cause like… idk man… anymore what people want… i want literal equal rights and others want either FT TO be leading or Pred to lead fully… it has to be 50 50 and then gradually skills take over which makes it an actual asymmetrical game lol… what this is… does not represent it… its highly in favor for fireteam just saying but not in sense of like balance… people say its balance but its actual core mechanics that make the balance a thing… its not the same

What i was proposing for would make sht ton of sense even the sniper rifle does not need nerf really if they make this a thing… think about it… u can hear the bullet impact and also the branch will reduce dmg by 50% of it… which will give u a chance to actually run and take cover as predator… and bullet drop would also make sense…

Also not to mention it makes no sense to walk aim and shoot… with a fking 50 cal dude… thats like if ur walking with a pistol that has no recoil lmao… and hit everything upclose