JH87 Mask still not unlocked after more than 5,000 tactical cases opened

I’m starting to despair there …
I have duplicate shades (yellow) of the mask which I open repeatedly but the mask itself is unaffordable.

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Ye your unlocking “shaders” you haven’t found the actual mask

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It took me an absurd amount of Field Lockers to unlock it. The only thing you can do is keep trying.

It baffles me how this games developers keep the most iconic Predator skin of the entire franchise locked away to preorders and the helmet by absurd chances in Field Lockers.

What an absolutely terrible concept by marketing.

Imagine a Terminator game where the iconic T-800 was only available through preorders and after that window closed it’s no longer available in game. That’s exactly what they’ve done here…


We are indeed in the land of total absurdity …
To see the number of bugs that keep sprouting with each update, we can think that the research & development department is not much better than the marketing one …
It’s sad to see such a great franchise ruined.

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You can to give the franchise by buying the 87 JH skin for 350$ 😄

For quite some time now all the tactical cases that I open are duplicates.
However, I still lack 9 yellow trophies and a good number of shades to obtain but they never fall into the suitcases …
The game becomes painful.
Where is the pleasure of playing there?
In addition, the challenges (daily as well as weekly) are always Commando oriented.
For a game called Predator, it’s a bit limiting, isn’t it?

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I completely agree. I don’t understand why every single challenge is aimed at the Fire Team. That makes no sense to me as well.

How about daily challenges for the Predator like:

  • Get 10 Long Claims
  • Get 20 Short Claims
  • Complete 10 Quick Play Matches

And weekly challenges like:

  • Get 50 Stealth Kills
  • Kill 200 A.I.

Imagine making a Predator game where the Fire Team gets an XP boost and all the challenges are for the Fire Team… 🤦🏼‍♂️

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They tried giving out challenges for pred, it took all of a few hours for them to reverse it and take them away for good. The lowest wait for pred at the time was 45min.


Oh man, that’s just shit+y…

I can’t believe that the main protagonist of the game, the PREDATOR, doesn’t even have quests available to it. Not as a daily/ weekly or even as a set mission during the match.

The Predator is legit only there as a thorn in the Fire Teams side. No goals to reach or objectives to complete.

Sigh… 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Are you finally starting to see why there’s so many “haters” around.

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You obviously weren’t here when they were. Predator Queue jumped from 8 to like 12 minutes in popular areas.

Edit: oops, nvm, someone already mentioned lol

Its almost like we tried to communicate this for 12 months, and now cant beat truck simulators in playerbase numbers

all theyve done between now and then is double down on the already bad AI no one would miss & the art team keeps pumping out cosmetics and melee animations.

Clash was their “alternative gameplay loop” and absolutely no one thought king of the hill was a good idea for a pred game.

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There’s just sooooo much missed opportunity here. ☹️

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The endless wait to play the Predator would be easily resolved if Illfonic decided to perform Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that out of the 4 commandos there could be only one real player or none, and the Commando bots behave like real players, with their qualities and their faults, ie some “playing” better than others:

  • team spirit or individualist
  • heroic spirit even suicidal or cowardly
  • detection of enemies or not
  • more or less efficient shooting precision
  • mission objectives achieved or not
  • successful escape or not

There, the game could really be called “Predator: hunting grounds”.
We know how to do it technically … So?

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Well, 6000 and still nothing on the horizon …

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