JH87's Armor for everyone

This thread isn’t about getting the pre-order class it’s about getting his armor, and having the ability to put it on another Predator


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I like this

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No givin 87 to others but for preds
we own I want to equip masks and armor to other classes

So if samurai is bad then I want his armor on my hunter ect

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Every player would get a free set of JH87 armor. Every other armor is locked behind the Predator it belongs to, and the only way to get them is by unlocking that Predator
It would add so much more customization


No, just no. @illfonic provided non-pre-orders with a mythical bio mask drop.

Taking his armor in combination with bio mask drop essentially gives the 87 Jungle Hunter to people that didn’t pre-order.

Completely against this idea. If you didn’t pre-order you don’t have Jungle Hunter.

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That sucks you didn’t pre-order — but there was a 5 month window from when Sony announced pre-order bonus in Dec 2019 to when game launched April 24th 2020.

There was more than ample time to pre-order.

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Erm yea but where saying if you have him you can equip his and other preds armor too

Other pred classes

So if I have zerk or Sam or Viking ect UNLOCKED

I can equip the armor on my hunter or scout

Get it or no?

If they gave away JH87 armor variant for all classes then everyone would have JH87 the mask is already public.

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So no

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Ohhhh that’s why I’ve been sucking ass that hard lately

Get it, but don’t agree with it. Each Predator armor belongs with it’s respective class and shouldn’t be swapped with other Predators.

Each Predator model was designed for a specific armor, bespoke to that build — it would be a nightmare to try and make them fit other bodies firstly; secondly it ruins the unique nature of each Predator class, the Samurai Predator wouldn’t be the Samurai Predator anymore for instance; and lastly it’s not a thing that makes sense to take the time nor effort to accomplish.

This notion is going no where and you shouldn’t waist your time nor energy debating it either.

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Nearly all games leave pre-order exclusives to just that — exclusive to pre-orders and never release them again, that’s they very point of them and their exclusivity.

Well it wouldn’t be giving JH87 away because he would still have his unique states, head model, and unique JH87 skins
And if you were to give Samurai’s armor away I strongly believe the Samurai exclusive armor shaders shouldn’t transfer to everyone.

If you look at my examples

You will see that I kept the style of JH87 consistent until I got to Samurai. I tried to maintain both looks from each character, but I kept Samurai’s unique color scheme

I’m pretty sure each model has a default armorless model because of a few factors

  • We have a mission in Excavation were we have to blow up a dead Predator body

  • Hunter, Alpha, CH97, and JH87 all share the same default Predator model

  • Scout and Elder both share the same slim Predator model

  • Berserker, Samurai, and Viking all share the same beefy Predator model

So it would possible take some time to align every part perfectly, but it wouldn’t take as long as your saying

Well I know that but I didn’t have money, sure I could’ve asked my parents but I wanted to see how the game did at first before preordering

I might do another Photoshop of either more Predator armors on different Predators, or maybe some other type of feature people want in the game

Like maybe Predator face customizations

I work as a graphic designer, creative endeavors and technical things take time to develop and there’s allot more than meets the eye.

Personally, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree and waisting your time.

Adding more armor & mask shaders make sense, adding more skin patterns make sense, different Predlock textures and styles make sense, but reverse engineering unique Predator class armors to force them onto other Predators doesn’t make sense.

Not only do you have the creative & technical hurdles but there’s also a fiscal impact. Players that are spending money on unique Predators are doing so to have a specific Predator.

The Samurai Predator was intentionally designed a certain way with specific stats with a unique look and feel — by allowing a non-Samurai Predator to don the Samurai Predator’s armor it dilutes the Samurai Predator’s class’ worth.

Similarly allowing non-Jungle Hunter ‘87 Predator’s to wear his armor does the same. Ya da, ya da it won’t say ‘Jungle Hunter’, nor have his face or stats but that doesn’t matter. His likeness is primarily defined by his Bio-Mask and Armor, the most visible thing seen by players, thus making an exclusive thing no longer such if armors were swappable.

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And therefore you opted out of getting the exclusive Jungle Hunter ‘87 pre-order bonus, that’s it and that’s all.

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Yes people are going off of what they see when playing, but before even seeing the Predator everyone checks the scoreboard to see what their up against. The scoreboard gives them an idea of what they’re playing agents, but they always look the same (only with a different color or mask). That in itself can get a little repetitive and sometimes make a couple of matches feel like one continuous match.

He may have been the first Predator, but he certainly isn’t the only Predator to that has that armor and mask. A couple of other Predators have similar or identical armor and masks.
Elder is literally an older JH87, Scar has a similar mask, Dark and a few other Predators in the 2010 AVP game look similar in appearance to JH87, there is an entire Predator clan of Jungle Hunters in AVP: Evolution, and finally the we have Crucified Predator

If I remember correctly someone did photoshop a JH87 to look like the Crucified Predator

Don’t know if they ever did make that 3D Crucified Predator.

But I digress
This topic is mainly a discussion about something that will most likely never happen. I mainly made this topic to give an idea to people, maybe even help them come up with some ideas of their own. I know I’ve gotten a few neat ideas from my discussion with you, and I hope you got something out of this as well.

Why not just add his armour as a mythical drop? That way he’ll be available to everybody, but noone will actually be lucky enough to get it, which makes both sides happy, no? 😆

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