Jobs and Life

So, this is a stranger post for me than usual. But, lets get to know our forum people little better. So, what does everyone else do for jobs? How did you get there? What do you do in free time whether it be for fun or projects? What is your dream job?

Myself personally currently am about to be 25 and I live in Oregon now and have been here since August of last year. I’ve been to roughly 23 different states and lived in Alabama (Where I was born), Oklahoma, Tennessee, and now Oregon. I’ve never been out of country… yet.

As some of you may know I am currently a CICO/First Aid/CPR Certified Security Officer. I have been doing security work for almost two years. And got into it when I lived in TN to build up a resume for Law Enforcement.

As for my free time I typically work on catching up on chores around the house didn’t have time to get done during the week, spend some time with my Dad fishing, make tiktok’s occasionally, read, game on PC/PlayStation/Xbox, spend some time with my cat, and go up to Washington and hang out in Tri Cities on my days off.

Some of my goals for this coming spring/summer would be to learn to ride a motorcycle and get one, possible get an off road vehicle and go mudding and mess around in a sand dune.

Dream Job I would say would be to become a Police Officer and work in the K9 unit, but forenow looking for different work and stepping out of security. Personally would like to learn a trade and start a career. I’ve also thought about getting into Firefighting as well.

Well, there’s a little bit about me hope everyone else shares bit about themselves as well.


What is a job? (Unemployed due to covid since March 2020)

I vaguely remember this phrase

Before the BS I worked at an amusement park

I was in the games dept during normal season

In the fall I would go into the entertainment dept

Where they would apply prosthetic makeup on me and I would slide on my hands and knees to scare the shit outta people

Additionally I’ve been a machinist, butcher, cook, camp counselor, grocery clerk and theatre employee

Currently I am developing my skills to create custom dioramas for action figures

My current project is for the NECA Ultimate Pinhead

Dream job is to be in a band/teach guitar

I’d also love to write a screenplay

Or modeler for Vija Games

Born and raised in CA

Graduated high school

Some College (community)

Been to Virginia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Washington DC and I’m never going back

I have absolutely no interest in leaving my home state as everything I want/need is right here (minus that NY slice I would love to try)

I play games/guitar, watch movies/cartoons, read comics, collect action figures, get stoned and spend all my time with my dog

I enjoy martial arts and would love to get back into it when I can


@KayneLucard, @TheSenate, @Scarface_1983, @Fire, @REYNOSO_FUA11, @Cadillackid, @CHUCK_YT, @Finessology, @GetToLaChappa, @Mith would you guys like to help get this post going and share a bit about yourselves?


i’m gonna be 26 soon i live in nowhere missouri honestly at the moment i’m working as a custodian for a high school (it happens to be the high school i graduated in) been doing that for 3 years now as it’s the highest paying no college job in the state aside from working at a car factory which i gave that job up as my cousin really needed it at the time the opportunity presented itself (which i regret to this very day that’s what i get for being a good person) as my income would literally double if i took that job and have full benefits+401k retirement

in my free time i’m usually reading wikipedia articles or listening to some interview and working on my DND campaign for my players or i’m playing video games sometimes atm i’m a Co-GM for a world of warcraft guild

My dream job was to compete in video games professionally back in 2015-2016 i actually did compete that’s where all my college funds went as i told my parents very plainly i didn’t want a college degree nor did i want any job that would come from it i’d rather die a nobody as i’d never forgive myself if i didn’t give my dreams a chance and i did and as you can probably imagine it failed it didn’t work out i never in any tournament got a placement over 28th which sucks but i did travel all over the US and to a few tournaments in the EU i competed in melee Smash 4 and MKX though now i would love to compete in ultimate or learn DBFZ and compete in that but alas that’s not in the cards nor will it ever be again

As it is right now i have no goals really other than make sure my brother is taken care of (he was born with a problematic health condition life expectancy of 30 to 40 years and he is turning 30 this year… and i know once he is gone i will no longer be able to afford the place i live in currently but existential dred aside life is ok right now looking forward to games that i’m going to play in the future and whatnot though my retirement plan is probably a 12 gauge

Oh and i’ve caught covid twice and survived so that’s cool to maybe the third time god will try a little bit harder

I can also play the piano I have a cat that i love and uh that’s pretty much it i think


Curious why would you ask these guys specifically? Lol!

If we’re sharing so much, can people share their social security number, credit card number, the 3 little numbers on the back, and expiration date.


How about share whether or not their in prison wifi.

I like this thread.

I’m 33, and I have lived in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky and California.

In about a month, I’ll be taking my first steps to relocate to Lisbon, Portugal permanently, as I’m reconciling with the love of my life.

Entered the workforce at 15, got my first hotel job at 19 and worked my way up to being a General Manager of a full-service hotel in a multi-national hotel chain (think Marriott, Hilton, Starwood). My dream job is that one, and I know that makes me very lucky, because I really enjoy what I do!

At the moment, my free time is all spent learning Portuguese and doing calisthenics. I’ve lost 30+ lbs. this year!

When I’m not preparing for a continental move, I love to read about history, especially the history of the New World and Medieval Europe, philosophy (particularly Stoicism, as I’m an aspiring Stoic), I love to read anything and everything, but I’m reading more self-help books recently. Other activities are powerlifting/any exercise, spending time with my woman, smoking cannabis, lavishing love on my cat, and playing either a) very difficult games like Dark Souls or Sekiro or b) playing games on their hardest difficulty setting (like GoW on GMGoW) until I “git gud” at it.

My goal for these coming months is to learn a new language, start my own business, and reconnect/rekindle with the love of my life.

One other little tidbit - I’m a former semi-pro (recreational league) American football player. I’m 6’5”, and have hands that couldn’t catch a cold, so I played Defensive End!

Thanks for hearing me out!



Whelp…I’m a simple man. I love dark haired women and breakfast foods.

Been a mechanic for about 17 years. It’s an honest days pay and that’s all I ever really wanted. Started out as a hobby in high school that I got good enough at people paid me to do it.

Did 14 years on the US Army reserve. 8 of them I was a construction equipment operator. The next 8 doing carpentry and masonry. Loved running bulldozers and other heavy junk and really wanted to get into it but it’s actually a pretty hard line of work to get into. I miss it but don’t have any regrets.

I’ve got 3 dogs, and 3 cats because my wife is a sucker for lost souls. Which has gotta be the only reason she married me cuz I can’t think of any other good ones. That’s about all there is too it.


I am 30 I live in Ny

I am a Operator for Avis/Budget Rental car. 6 days a week 5am-2pm

I am Professional Pot Head. I do everyday task higher than a kite. Not really to high at work but enough to be above average pleasant lol.

I love Pizza and playing this game with my homies.

I need to work on my its just a game dude attitude tho. I get a little too competitive at times and it hurts my team.

The Onion is always out there in the Jungle so beware lol.


I was born in Texas, but moved to Ohio, where I currently live. I’ve been to Alaska, New England, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

I’m a college student, and currently taking a Pre-med school program. Next year I will be a licensed Phlebotomist (can draw blood for testing). I currently have all credits required to graduate, and will be graduating the Pre Med School Phlebotomy program in a few months. I entered college and the Pre-Med Program as an honors student. I’m decently antisocial, and as such do not have many friends outside of this community, but that suits me just fine.

My favorite food is Seafood, more specifically sushi as that is where my parents always took me as a child.

My free time is spent is taking care of my dog (Buddy) and American Toad (Ripley), and showering them with affection, reading, mostly nonfiction or sci-fi, or playing some video games. When it is in season I hunt for deer, as I love to cook up some venison. Last year I got 2 does, each around 145 lbs, but this year I did not go to my grandparents cabin to hunt because of coronavirus concerns for their health. @GetToLaChappa I am beginning to get interested in Stoicism as well, so I have begun reading up on that.

My dream job is an Anesthesiologist, and once I graduate from the pre-med/college program, I will finish my major in biology and then go to med school for anesthesiology. During that time I will work as a Phlebotomist with the license I will get next year. Once I graduate from Med School for Anesthesiology, I will move to Alaska, where I will complete my residency anesthesiologist program, and I intend to work and live there.


Way to go Bud. I can see the master plan in motion already lol. Much love


Thanks man! Best of luck to you too!


Im pretty much on cruise control till 65 then I retire lol. The 401k is getting stacked and my nest egg needs some work cause of covid but im doing 74 in the center lane with cruise control and a nice fat blunt lol.


Damn bud. A regular Doogie Houser. Fantastic bro, stay with it.


Right. We gonna see him on tv in 10 years telling us about the next big pandemic


Mostly due to can only tag 10 at a time and they are the people I generally talk to, socialize with, and ones who I comment on most of their posts and vise versa. Plus, I think of it this way. We get to see who everyone is for who they are as a person and connect as a group. It’s also nice you know to know peoples hopes, dreams, goals, how they are in life and what people are up to in life outside of the forum/video games/this game.

Kinda got in a mood of thinking about those things and what in life really matters. In truth not guaranteed tomorrow, but I can say if today was my last day got to know some really cool people and different perspective on life and ideas for new things I would of never thought about trying if someone hadn’t brought it up


Lol I’ve shared Some stuff with people here And there but I’m I dont really like to share anything about Myself man, sorry.

Lol despite how social I may seem on here I typically avoid people.


About to be 19 in June, born and raised Pittsburgh, Pa
Current job is a Dining Aid(food server) to a nursing home because I plan on using it on a resume to find a nursing job after college which i first plan on getting my degree at a community college, and then transferring to get a masters degree.
As for my free time I typically work on catching up with friends, drawing, reading scifi books, or playing video games.

Dream Job I want is to be a full time youtuber and make money off it, but for right now it’s a hobby and I’m focusing more on my education until then


Good goals, I can say making money off of YouTube is a very hard job, guy not even remotely famous has 130k followers and had been at it since 2007.

He said it’s a lot of work due to spends 5 to 10 hours a day editing one video and to keep up uploads 3 to 4 a week and with all of the work he puts in on average brings home a month from it $1500-$2000 a month and that’s with ads. Biggest ad payoff was $1000 and only had once got millions of views on a vid and brought in on that one video $16k… I do wish you luck though it is very competitive!