June dlc

Any idea which character we get next?

Update: got the info that the update will arrive this month

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maybe Shane Black

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image Would be nice hope we get really another character from 1st movie or Danny clover would also be perfect


yes for me it would be great. they can release all characters from Predator 1 and Danny Glover from Predator II


Me too. Also would like to see more characters from 2nd movie. To bad the game focuses totally in 1st movie apart from city hunter being there

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Update coming in one minute.

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Update came out 3 minutes ago, git gud.


I don’t think the update will release before end of month honestly

Only if he has that facial expression at all times 😂


The question is “when??”

No. The question is what’s gonna be fixed and improved and how much more bugs/glitches it’s gonna bring.

Yeah… that too!

Given the likelihood that they’d shifted to using placeholder images on the roadmap, I think Isabelle is still the most likely DLC release for this month. Hoping it comes with a set of new audio logs to flesh out what happened after Predators and how she managed to get back to earth. Friendly predator involvement?

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Other post for actualitation and a fucking dlc? i am going to make ten thousand post of jh87


Please don’t… XDDDDD
You have JH87 already anyway!

my wishlist is:

  • Celtic
  • Wolf (I want that whip)
  • Danny Glover
  • Jesse Ventura

For Isabel, I’m not realy interested.

At this point I want the whip just to see the glitches it causes

It’s going to be a FT crate

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If it’s not heavily monetized pay2win crates and $50 cosmetic bundles alongside a $10 battlepass and rotating cash shop i’m out

I’m predicting it’ll be the last Thursday of the month. I also think it’ll be FT buffs and/or toys and pred nerfs. Probably more pred nerfs.