Jungle Hunter Obsession

I have no idea how computer coding of a skin can get so many people bent out of shape




then you clearly havent seen this post
its about a dude whining because of alien boobs coding


Lmao that’s a thread that should be forgotten.


Homecoming queen tranny predator… we need it so bad LAWLS

That is hilarious!!! Lmfaooo. But I kinda do agree lol. I want gender neutral classes, no female and male varients that I’d have to pay for. I wanna buy one, just ONE predator and have the class be for both genders.

I mean we know there were female Samurai equivalents. But that’s just one of the few gripes I have for this game.

That dude still had me chuckling while reading.🤣

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I mean I really want it bc it was the first movie and I wanted access to it. I didn’t have my money though till the day after the game came out so I missed out.

I just really like the first hunter but it seems the more extremist fans are in love with the man. And will go to extreme lengths to harass bc they didn’t get it, which I guess isn’t “fair to them” though they did have time to prepare money.

Oh yeah that train wreck of a thread exists I completely forgot about that, burn it.

laughs in preorder purchase

They will soon realize the skins are worthless once a successor emerges

It’s the main Predator of the franchise. He sells merchandise. He’s the most liked of all the Predators. He’s from the best film in the franchise and that isn’t looking like it will ever change.

Should he have been pre-order dlc? Sure, why not. Should he have been paid dlc after the fact? That’s a big fucking duh. It’s inevitable in all honesty. Why is it that Ol’ Painless is available and no one on here seems to have an issue with it, but the face of the franchise can’t become universally available for the public? It’s quite a conundrum.

That fuckin boobs thread 😂😂😂😂

Someone complained about pred boobs


Ol’ Painless was early access, not an exclusive that was eventually released.

I know that, but ol’ painless is a pretty cool looking skin. The weapon is garbage though, so that’s probably why no one cares.

I mean, no one is gonna die if they don’t get Jungle Hunter, but there’s a shit load of players that don’t have him and a shit load more that the game could potentially attract in the future. So, to me it makes zero sense to keep him locked behind “muh pre-order bonus.” The code is selling for obscene money on the secondary market. That’s money that illfonic could be making instead.

If anything, just offer a Digital Deluxe Edition with the Jungle Hunter available that way. Something akin to the Digital Deluxe Demonic Doom Slayer skin from Doom Eternal. No one really likes that one all that much and it’s still available in the Digital Deluxe Edition. Don’t see why they couldn’t do something like that here. Does it suck that people would probably have to pay $59.99 for it? Yep. Better than not ever having it at all or paying $500 for a dlc code lol.

And at the end of the day illfonic gets more support to make more content. Hopefully more of the fucking things we’ve been asking for. I mean, do we have to get on our knees for the 2v6 mode? Good grief!

I can empathize with ya man. I didn’t have a PC at the time to make any pre-orders for the jungle hunter. And also, hearing that ps4 players are still able to obtain them just adds more envy. I’m not sure on the legalities of Illfonic re-releasing the skin through deluxe content, but I’d one of the first players to buy it, should it be released.

And I agree, lets get 2v6 hunt mode out already!!

Yeah, the game needs new life. And we definitely need the 2v6 mode. Working with another Predator to destroy the fireteam is going to be fun as hell. Granted, I’m pretty sure the FT will get something to help fend off two Predators.

We need 2 vs 6. yes. New gameplay mode would really help

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James Cameron believes the JH should remain an exclusive but it seems inevitable that before the game dies we will see it made available as paid dlc so they can get one more payday before the end.

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