Jungle Hunter with Disciplined

According to the Patch Notes, Disciplined should only be available for Scout right?

But it seems to be a trend now, that some players know how to play Jungle Hunter with Disciplined, which totally breaks the balancing, as it was the only thing that gives us a reason to play Scout.
I’ve played 5 Matches today, where I was able to record multiple players abusing this Exploit, some even on multiple occasions.
Some players on our Discord Server found out how to do it and it is exceptionally easy, but very unlikely to perform by accident, since currently only a certain population of Players use it.

@OldKingHamlet can you please get this fixed and block the Jungle Hunter from having this Perk?
I can send you the Details via DM or email.
I can also provide you with video proof of the players who are exploiting it if necessary.

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Tell me how.

I want to try it at least once.

Yeah it’s the same on Fireteam, saw a Recon Deadly and a Assault Duelist in the same match lol.

Yeah of course, you just go into the customization menu, select your Jungle Hunter and then press ALT+F4.


Afaik, the Fireteam can only do this by using the cracked version of the game.

Dont get it why you wont tell me how to do it in the dms?

Or u did indirectaly… in which case ty

But maybe only peeps with cracked games can do this only too.

Done i reproduced it… ty man

actually trash lol u should have kept it a secret and waited a bit to see if you will notice any imbalance

Because I only report bugs, and you are neither a trustworthy friend of mine, nor a dev.

Good for you, that you were able to reproduce it.
Hope you keep it to yourself.
That shows perfectly how easy it is.


I mean i wish you would to delete this topic and let it flow for a week and see if it will ruin balance… this is probs the closest we can get for universal specs lol

Like I said, I’ve had 5 Matches today, where it was getting abused.
It is no problem for a good coordinated addict-squad like mine.
But it completely breaks the balance for casual players.


But did you guys feel like it made you guys sweat more?

And for casuals it takes time for them to adjust and realize lol… it took like an extra week before console plebs started using specs lol…

even now i get peeps who don’t use them.

But i am curious to see if my simulations ive ran for universal specs is correct.

It shouldn’t cause imbalance lol… and ive only seen zerkers lol when i was playing fireteam today… they all rushed in and went for melee spam hahaha…

and died in 10 seconds…

I mean have u seen anyone complained disciplined is op ?


i would say remove this topic and kinda u know… wait to see people responses to it… maybe they wont even notice lol…

I’m not gonna lie, it was absolute hell.
Because one of those Preds, was actually a very good and (for us) known player, who knows what to do and chose the right perks, like dithered Lens, and we had to fight him twice.
The other ones were intermediate Preds, who are usually getting melted within minutes, but even those became very deadly.

My own opinion is that it makes the game more challenging and interesting for an exceptionally good team, but it is overpowered right now how it is against most usual players, as you have certain possibilities that a scout doesn’t offer you. Like Traps for example.
And it’s not intended to be used on other classes, as Disciplined is basically a buff for the scout which is meant to give us a reason to play scout more.


Only cause they made it locked to certain classes does not mean this is the final decision really…

Eh this makes my calculations even sharper lol… the way this game was meant to be even without specializations and perks…

Yet, that doesn’t mean that everybody may manipulate their classes in such a way.

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I mean maybe they allowed this on purpose, who knows >->

But jokes aside, @OldKingHamlet i would say you guys should keep this a thing in game to see people opinions really… cause from what i’ve seen today when playing fireteam matches, i have only had like 1 or 2 matches that played other class such as hunter or valkyrie.

And all others i’ve seen actually rank zerker and enraged lol.

And i tried one match btw @Vargaresa and wont do it more lol… if its not fair for others really it makes me feel like a shitty person xD.

But damn i had like less anxiety when i knew i didnt make noises…

i didnt get spotted or shot at when camping at one spot and observing them.

This was by far best bug lol…

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I run scout almost 100% of the time now. He’s got the best specializations.

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could you in theory do this with any spec though?

guess i’ll find out

(tested it you cannot however if you swap a ghost or a assassin spec it will give you disciplined for some reason)