Jungle Hunter

I know that Jungle Hunter predator was a pre order bonus. I feel like it’s been long enough now to maybe release it as a dlc pack. The people that did pre-order would just already have it and people that missed it can have a chance to get it.


If it gets released as a DLC then what was the point in pre-ordering?

It would literally just be a “Haha, fuck you” to anyone who pre-ordered.

Plus it’d be false advertisement. It was a “Pre-order exclusive” for a reason.

If you don’t have the Jungle Hunter, just play as the Captured Predator and use the Jungle Hunter’s mask. They literally look almost identical and have the exact same stats anyway.


The game will be released on new platforms with standard and Deluxe editions.
Nothing is stopping them from bringing out the JH for new buyers.

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True, also Spartan Mask too.
And for the obnoxious narcissists who are using miserable excuses ‘‘it is middle finger to people who pre-ordering’’ after already almost 5 years of this game. It’s pre-orderers that are humiliating the non pre-orderers and plus pre-orderers barely play this game nor do not support this game at all. All of those excuses that it would harm pre-orderers are just projecting braggers. All gamers deserve to have equal rights and pre-orderers are having special treatment. Pre-order should be abolished by LAW. And those cryptic bullshit they are making excuses. Not to mention some idiots are perpetuating narrative how it would be false advertisement, while it’s soon to be 5 years old game. If anyone is actually being ‘‘Fuck you’’ those are pre-order scum who support game far less than non pre-order people and there are no distinctions between that in objective perspective. Since buying game before release doesn’t make you ‘‘support game more’’ than those that buy after release.

Buy Captured

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I own it. And it doesn’t change facts.

I bought this game, both digitally and physically, full price, one deluxe edition, and a third for a friend, on release, purchased each and every DLC, and several DLCs for friends that wanted to try certain characters. And I bought two copies for my uncle and cousin, although at $10 last week, and I’ll probably be buying them some DLCs too.

There is a huge gap between supporting back then and now, bud. And yes, it 110% does make you more supportive of a game. You’ve got Captured, a copy+paste of JH87 but with a different and admittedly cooler mask. You do not need JH87, you just want to have it because the name says Jungle Hunter. If I were to have JH and Captured put right next to each other in Clash with the same cosmetics, you would find differentiating the two is surprisingly difficult in-game. Take away the names, that’s what you’re after. It’s like buying a name brand bottle of ketchup instead of a cheaper yet identical brand of ketchup. You want the name brand because it’s fucking Heinz.

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It’s still not JH87, therefore people request it and need it. Cooler or non cooler, it’s not original. Yes name says Jungle Hunter and also it’s still slightly different and also other people have that version, just like Spartan mask. So those excuses are not justifying any reason for them to not releasing. It’s been long enough for them to release it. It still doesn’t change the fact that due to integrity and dignity they should give those pre-order content to every player. It’s MORE THAN BRAND. It’s pride and reward due to hard work and dedication. Your assumption is wrong and false. Your own personal purchase is not of my concern. So no it does not make you more supportive of the game at all. If you bought it and barely play with it as pre-order folk unlike non pre-order that bought game and plays far more and is far more dedicated than pre-orderer. Pre-order doesn’t equate of more supporting of the game. It’s basic common sense that is not even argumentative! It’s just narcissistic tactic to patronize the supporters that don’t have everything that minority of pre-orderers have.

That is your defamatory projection. And it’s not even a name brand.

Who are you to tell me what I need and what I do not need to? HUH? You patrolling some Church communities perhaps? Preaching probably on the streets?

OK so what’s different then? How is analogy inappropriate?

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Skull necklace on the neck and the very originality. And developer’s dignity. And they should implement it no matter how similar, even if it is the same.

We know, the skull necklace and different armor texture. But what was wrong with my analogy? Is it not similar or identical to wanting the name brand of a product instead of an off brand?

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Release it!!

Who cares what these nerds think

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They are not nerds, but narcissists and gaslighters. Privileged sociopaths.

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And you wonder why nobody likes you

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Nobody in this meaningless forum filled with sociopaths and narcissists or normal people IRL and private groups?
Also where do I wonder? Quote where did I state that?

Yea and they probably smell like bologna too

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I’d buy it.