Just remove this stupid lame game

10rooms 7 minutes min waiting for pred and 6 times not 1 player …ft who out run predators like they won the olympics …decloaking when you jump forward …ft so op in weapons sometimes and what have you acclompished illfonic ???in 1 year 1 extra map and whole lot of shit predators wich are in my eyes not worth buying as dlc …pigs respawn always near ft and they do respawn always near the ft …always more characters who are op ft …take support almost plasma caster proof you come near them they shoot sometimes a predator life gone in 2 sec you come back 2 seconds again life gone as predator …this game has more bugs and glitches you cant decent fix …today if i trow my disc it just dont lau!nch and decloaked me …sometimes if you want to heal it switch over too something else …ah and not too mention your shitty mode nobody wanted if you cant make a decent game stop your job and find another one bunch of amateurs that you are …and for the last… if your alien game gonna be like predator good luck with it but i aint gonna buy more of your failing games in the future

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They are not making an Alien game

That is a different studio


the upcoming alien game comes from a dev from the same as predator hunting grounds m8te

no its from a different no-name company and has no pvp

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i hope so i buyed 2 illfonic games but it will be the last one i bought


Aliens Fireteam is what I’m assuming your talking about and that is from Cold Iron Studios

Illfonic made this game

ok than i whas wrong apoligises than but still phg is failing big time in my eyes

Yeah well majority of people here dont really prefer illfonic that much anymore but still dont go to the bounds of like making topics in feedback… i would suggest like making a point in off-topic cause there u can pretty much say anything thats not like harassments too much

U new here?

new i own this game for 8 months and i posted many topics a few months ago

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Are you wrong? Different development companies, but both 20th century games and one is called fireteam hunting grounds and the other is aliens fireteam 🤔


So this is new information to you? The game had been fireteam hunting grounds since Dutch 2025 came out

i know i read the previous posts few months ago and i whas pretty sure a illfonic dev said …you wanted aliens i developed a alien game special for the people who wanted it

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Rumour has it that this illfonic you speak of, are doing a predator game


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im not sure but the new alien game comes from a dev from illfonic who went alone and goes under new company name …imagine if phg fails big time and you make new game whould you use illfonic again after phg ???novody gonna buy your game nor give it 1 chance after f13 and phg

If illfonic under delivers with this game it’s not likely I’ll get their next game since they already let me down with Friday the 13th

If this update sucks at least Resident Evil Village comes out in early May

so than i made my point be aware the new alien game comes from a dev from illfonic just the new thing will be that this dev will listen to his players wich illfonic never did …you can post much you want if your boss do his own thing the dev cant do shit about annything …maybe the new game dev is his own boss and will maybe listen to the players thats gonna be the diffrence

Another Bad Predator player ranting on how he sucks smh. GET GUD!!!