Just textual developments to improve the predator, without affecting the numbers that I leave here and will return to them later after reading the discussion below them.

First point. Improving the functionality of the wheel of mimicry, fake points for FT, maybe? Copying voices of team members? I mean, if there are 4 Dutch in the team, then the voice of an ordinary soldier, and even a woman looks at least … strange.

Second point. Changing the predator perk system.
Separate main perks and utilitarian ones. In the main ones, add such things as improved lenses on the PC, a large bag, reduced damage from FT, and give 2-3 more slots for utilitarian perks like “reduced damage to a predator in trees”, this will significantly increase the variety of builds and play styles, instead of to be limited to pure meta. Options, you know.

The third point is a general improvement in the understanding of numbers in the game. Finally, enter the exact values for all perks and weapons, enter the final HP indicators at least in the menu so that the community does not have to re-update the damage / HP figures after each patch.

The fourth point is to improve control over the predator. This includes both a bug with auto-attack / auto-charge in the air, and an improvement like adding the ability to walk slowly, making less noise and also introducing an option to disable automatic switching from branch to branch, its absence is annoying.

The ability for a predator to influence the map before the start of the game, at the preparation stage, would not be in the way of the opportunity to place additional traps, snares, traps, it doesn’t matter.

gameplay improvements in terms of arsenal: Now I see a few secondary devices that would be very useful to a predator.

  1. A set of replenishment. Primarily it works for two tasks: 1. to recover ammunition. 2. Repair the mask / restore the throwing disc after destruction.

quantity - 1. Large bag does not work on it.

  1. Drone. Yes, this is Falconer’s toy, in addition to the convenience of tracking, he could, for example, remotely trigger an alarm in camps and be assigned to a specific soldier, following him and giving an indefinite “tag” on him until the drone is detected and shot down.

  2. Capture device. It can be a whip, a hook, shengbiao, it doesn’t matter, a tool for isolating 1 person in a battle, as a reward for an accurate hit, you get an isolated target in a small control, which you can quickly kill if the FT does not react instantly, it can also work for finishing off on tree, for example, not sure, just as an idea.

  3. Masking field generator. In fact, this is an AOE version of a predator’s camouflage, but masking it completely in a small area, this will allow you to maintain at least some mobility while remaining invisible. This is a tool for creating a hunting position, if you will.

  4. Another isolation tool, something like a traumatic dart rifle, I have 2 concepts.

  5. The dart by itself does nothing and the FT does not notice it only if another player in the team sees the dart attached to the person. By pressing the button, all currently active darts begin to shock their target, causing minor damage and preventing them from shooting + imposes a slight effect of blinding and shaking the screen.

  6. A hit with a dart causes severe intoxication, the FT screen is very blurry, the interface completely disappears and sounds are muffled, there is no damage.


Nice ideas. I try thinking about new tech for pred and new weapons and get stuck really fast.

The sound decoys fix is a no brainer.

I do like the idea of passive abilities for classes, which is similar to what you have. Scout should be completely silent and have a long range buff. Berserker have more close range damage buffs and defensive damage reduction. Hunter should have good stamina, cloak buff and visible but indestructible traps. Haven’t really though about other classes.

I like the idea of waking slowly, though I think it should drain stamina.

Influencing the map early on is a bit of an overkill in my opinion. Pred will easily find the radio and trap it. Much of AI will be in alert.

Recouping of weapons/mask should come at a high price. Perhaps should put pred in a timeout for a certain amount of time.

I like the idea on poison, stun pred gadgets.

This is a ton of changes. From all of this I would like the passive perk idea implemented most of all. Makes each pred a bit more unique.

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I also agree having a more in depth perk system that is unique to the class or influenced by it would really solve a lot of “balancing issues” as it would allow for players to build around their strengths and weaknesses as players and customize their Pred/FTM to what best works for them not the community meta. Which IMO gets boring…even if its not “recommended” I’ll still rock a War Club like a Cave Pred just because I like it 😜

Look, maybe I said a little wrong, English is a pain in the ass for me and I often use the dictionary, I mean not RESTORING the mask, but fix it. That is, at the stage when it is already red-hot and smoking, you can fix it, if it was knocked off you, you still lose it forever. This creates a level of decision-making whether I want to retreat and repair my gear, or continue the aggression but risk losing my mask.

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You said everything correctly. It was my mistake 😉 I’m in favor of resulting the mask