Katana is horribly underpowered

Even with a 46% melee boost from stacking perks, passives, the thing has an excruciatingly long ttk. I used to love this thing please improve it…

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Honestly, they should bring its dmg stack back if they aren’t nerfing the axe.

Buff all the weaponry on preds side.

The parry seems to be functioning better than it used to on FT.

Would be a great change to game. Pred having awesome weapons, with FT that can somewhat fight back in a better way.

Hell no. Katana was a 2 shot weapon + bleed dmg and you can’t parry the heavy.

That bug (the same that axe has) was just ridiculous.

I mean for once in the games life, FT actually have something to worry about.

Even some folk aren’t bothered by the axe being a 1 shot down.

I say fuck it and just buff the other weapons likewise.

FT will adapt and always find a way to melt the pred.

Never has it been this way for Predator.

Bleed is only 15. And you could parry the heavy only the bleed can go through. You take more damage from Ai in the same time than bleed lel

Bro the majority of the FT players don’t even know how to mud up.

How are they gonna win like ever if a Pred player is gonna one - two shot everyone?

Ppl would just quit playing as FT and Pred queues would skyrocket again.

I’ve literally never seen you say anything intelligent on this forum. The katana is one of the worst weapons right now. Low dmg and bleed only does 15 damage which resets every attack


Heavy attacks can’t be parried, for starters.

Second, Elliott is talking about the time when Katana was bugged, where damage was stacking.

So let’s say that heavy deals 60 dmg and light deals 30 dmg.

You go in with heavy ( 60 dmg, can’t be blocked ) and then you hit FT with light attack which is 30 dmg, but since the dmg stacks because of the bug, you’ll deal not 30 dmg with your light attack, but 90 dmg.

So you end up dealing 150 dmg + bleed dmg. Run Ghost with Fearless and that’s another 40% dmg increase.

Katana is fricking op with alpha predator assassin

You sure? Ive used katana for a long time and I get parried during my heavy’s constantly

Well heavy takes longer to attack, so gives ft more time to Parry

I know. Dude was saying it couldn’t be partied tho

Oh lol

Assassin is only a 15% boost.

In my build (Samurai,Fearless,Ghost) I get a 46% buff to melee. Even then it still takes like 4-5 hits. If you manage to get someone down the thing takes so much stamina it’s hard to escape.

Yes I am. I’ve had a katana since Samurai came out, 'cause I bought that first Pred DLC right away. Heavy attacks from Preds melee weapons can’t be parried at all. That’s a fact.

Yes but it can make all the difference

That’s why I use war club with my berserker build

And that’s their problem.

Any team that can point and shoot and hit their targets, will finish any pred using anything.

I’ll say it again, FT will adapt, where pred players will just out right, quit the game.

People have shown that even without exploitable items, they just chase meta and chase players away anyways. So now is this a community problem? Picking things, knowing it’s just going to upset another player or just never wanting to lose?


But it’s gonna a problem for everyone. You really wanna wait 20 minutes for a Pred match?
You see where I’m going with this?