Katana is horribly underpowered

I see your point and don’t believe it to be an issue for the wait times.

It is more rewarding to play as pred now and now playing FT is more challenging.

Best of both worlds if you ask me.

Sort of get bored playing as FT knowing I have a better chance at winning compared to pred.


the heavy katana strikes can be parried it is simply more difficult due to it’s range in the same way it’s more difficult to parry the combistick at the edge of i’s melee swings so if your always tipping people it’s harder to parry but otherwise it’s parried like all other swings only the axe heavy and last warclub attack is unparryable and i swear to god the 2nd swing of the elder sword is unparryable

i’ve done it i’ve seen other people do it the katana is trash it’s only slightly better than warclub

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Nerf katana
Buff the Axe


only real answer


Increase the speed and damage by 5% maybe will do the trick?

i dont recall the exact dmg numbers so idk if 5% is enough. but in testing with bots the thing took sooooo many fucking hits to down even an assault.

Should every melee engagement result in a downed FT member otherwise weapon is underpowered?

yeah, if they’re not grouped up. katana struggles to down even one guy

Like I said, you’re not using it right. Do you want me to make a video demonstrating how to use it?

Light attacks to 25 and heavy attacks do 35, each attack resets the bleed timer which is 15 seconds of 1 damage

Which is why I said to throw a heavy and light in a combo and then flee. It’s rather quick and inflicts a total of 75 damage. Hit. And. Run

which is minimal compared to what anything else does in a shorter time frame

I’ll humor you. Samurai is the worst class to play, but that doesn’t mean he’s unplayable. If you miss certain cues and opportunities to punish, you’re significantly increasing your loss probability. If you want a bigger pred class to use, use Viking or Cleo. Both are fantastic preds that work more or less the same but with much better stats. See for yourself https://www.predatorhuntinggrounds.com/predator/predator-classes

bro, I know samurai is the worst, i believe i’ve made another post about that too

Then I would recommend playing a different class

why is the solution to underpowered items just “not using it”

the reason this is here is because they should be viable


Listen… You’re barking up the wrong tree. Myself and dozens of others here have been watching Illfonic from the start of PHG and even before. They’re a shady company that used PHG to fund Arcadeggedon. Ask around, ask us, what has Illfonic done regarding player requests? Hardly anything we want. We got a Valk buff that she didn’t need but got anyway. Now she’s meta again. FT has been in desperate need of a nerf since October last year. We are yet to see a noticeable nerf. Parrying is still broken and doesn’t work half the time, Sickle is still broken and swings faster than FT can parry, wasn’t like that when it came out.

I could dig a little bit and bring up more. But take my advice, this game is dead and Illfonic is moving on. They’re in it for the money now with their Fortnite copycat Arcadeggedon. I wouldn’t be surprised if they discontinue support for this game in the coming year. Sure, there’s a roadmap, but how often have they come through? The entire first year they missed too many marks and became unreliable and have only recently started making strides to better the game, and even then. Game is still in an unfinished state.

So I’ll say it once again. Move on. Adapt to the game if you must keep playing, but be prepared to get frustrated and be disappointed

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This needs to be a main post on GD, so all the hopeful boys who think there’s gonna be so much more to this game know the truth.

Tell me more, chronologically if you can about everything you know in that direction you have there.

Let me know from the beginning and give me every info you have if by any chance you have it. Brief me on things if you can or wish to.

I only know about what mainly happened with Friday the 13th but even with that is not everything. (heard horrible things)


If I had time, I’d happily dig for you.

Here, look at the first of the patch notes in news, read what they supposedly fixed and what our response was. It won’t take long before you start to see a pattern.