Kevin Conroy, voice of Batman was MURDERED!

By the very people he worked for! DC, Warner Bros, YOU NAME IT!

Why? Because there is only 2 reasons but mostly one, give sidekicks a chance to replace the Batman with their brighter costumes and them being young and hip, that are pro agenda (woke, feminism etc.), or Sales!


  • Batman Arkham Knight (gave them the idea)

  • Gotham Knights (beginning of the game as a cutscene, barley trying and already given up the will to go on, trusting in his sidekicks to clean up his mess, making his passing more tainted like he couldn’t get the job done and since he was such a failure of a hero and father figure so only their hip young ways will be what Gotham needs not a avenging dark knight 🙄, the audio recordings say it all)

  • Batman Beyond Neo Year (animated series Batman died and not of old age!)

  • Batman (KEVIN CONROY HIMSELF) in Batwomen TV shows kills him!)

I wanted to show this clip because if you don’t see how badly they are trying to get rid of Batman in DC by trying to either replace him with a strong feminist or a black one or make him dead, then your not a real Batman Fan!

The green ranger passed away too.



I don’t wanna talk about it ok 😭

This is fucking sick

Using an actors death to fucking push politics? Fuck off you fucking asshole fake ass fan


Ya you tell ‘em!

I’m calling you a fake fan asshole

How if I know relatively what’s going on and trying to warn the masses? I even provided evidence! They (DC and Warner Bros.) literally killed him just to push their agenda! How can you not see that?! Ya because YOU ARE THE FAKE @$$ FAN! JUST LIKE HOW YOUR NOT A REAL CRUSADING TEMPLAR! YOU MEME!

Because Hollywood doesn’t fucking replicate fucking movies for their schemes for non sensical reasons

This isn’t some fucking black and white movie, this is the fucking real world you moron

Your a pathetic piece of shit click baiter spitting on beloved people to push your dumb ass trolls

You know Kevin was gay, right?

STFU poser with your non proof sentences, you don’t even show evidence when it has been done better by others or shall I post some video proof since your lazy ass can’t even quote and disassemble arguments which already proved your opinion false you dumb ass mother fucking troll!

When did I insult his sexual preferences?!

Because of this statement I wasn’t sure you knew.

Woke (/ˈwoʊk/ WOHK ) is an English adjective meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination

So what are you talking about?

Your fucking pathetic

And your a fucking loser

Better than disrespecting the dead asshole

They are, by using them as false martyrs to make sales and I’m speaking out against it moron!

Hollywood didn’t fucking murder Kevin you dumbass

Why are you arguing with crazy?