Killed a Pred in a Knife-fight...

I just soloed a Full Health Pred in a knife vs combistick fight as a Scout… That should not be possible. Sure, I am on PC and that was a PS4 Pred… but still. And I was not even using the knife perk.

Just further proof that my argument that Preds needs a buff is completely valid. All the Preds are far too weak atm.

//Edit: In case it needs to be clarified… it was in a complete PUG game. The Pred really tried to kill me, and admittedly probably not the best Pred player. But even a noob Pred should be able to take down an FT member that was solo fighting the Pred with a knife.


Thats the state of this game, pure shit. The fireteam is spoon fed everything and have no fear of predators while we the “predator” has to sneak around like a scared little bitch of a puny 4 man human squad of death with butter knives that wield more power than a giant combi stick or elder sword…


Tbh, they are not, actually, apart from not being able to be stealth, they are quite good at the moment. Its the goddamned knife and parry mechanic that’s OP and unrealistic as hell. That needs to be REMOVED and replaced with a viable option, like knife blocks 1 attack and then gets broken (get a new one from ammo box) or, alternatively, only way to parry is to steel preds disk and use it against him, or replace parry with dodging ore something, or –fuck it – all of the above. Fucking anything but this bullshit we have right now.

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That’s very difficult to do, if at all, on console.

On PS4 it’s possible to flank and gut a Predator.

On PS4 it’s possible to hold-off a Predator for a bit in a solo knife-fight, but not to kill a full-health Berserker wielding a Combistick.

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Did he know he could throw it at you ?

“ hey guys I just went up against a total noob and I beat him because he doesn’t know the game mechanics.
I smashed him.
I’m the best but this game is total shit “


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On PC I killed a full health Hunter with mah knife of Pred Slaying… as I said above. 'Zerks only have a little more health than Hunters.
The match after that I practically soloed a Pred, with guns though. All I needed was the Pred being busy with one of the cannon fodder players, then I harassed it all over the map until they gave up.

Aside from a very small selection of Pred players that are actually good, and provide a challenge, hunting preds is far too easy.

IMO… It’s playing on FT that should be “hard”, not as a Pred. Only coordinated FTs should be able to pull off a Pred kill. Certainly not one speedy Scout player with a bunch of meat shield PS4 players.

Admittedly, this game may be well balanced for PS4 players only… Playing Pred vs a decent PC player, I’d say I am decent at best, is pure hell. Cloak is easily spotted, and I dont even use the low graphics “exploit”… and preds are so easily tracked by sound.

This game should atm be called Yautja: Exotic Prey


Dude, unless that spear hits square in the face… its not doing damage.

And I do not claim at being the best, above average certainly, but faaaar from the best. My point is, I should not be able to solo a Pred… ever.
The Pred is supposed to be a frikkin’ Terminator. It should take a full FT doing everything they can to win to beat a Pred.

A good start would be to buff Pred health, and also make Pred weapons less clunky and alot less buggy.

I mean, most of us pick up this game because we want to play Predator. Who would ever want to play as one again when the first thing that happens is that you get roflstomped by one skinny dude with a knife?
And even without the knife, all it takes is one assault rifle mag to land most bullets and it’s bye bye Pred.
Fixing the Cloak would also be a good thing… I dont think I am supposed to be able to spot a moving Pred 200 metres away. The cloak is almost useless, and nigh useless against anyone that uses a headset to track sound.


Dutch beat him one on one …

So did Harrigan …

So did Nolan…

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By using his wits, traps and shit. Dutch did not stand a chance in even a fistfight. Yautja are alot stronger than humans in this fiction, even a freak like Dutch. They are also alot tougher, yet there are NPCs that take as much punishment as it takes to bring down a Pred.

//Is your point that the game should be one humie vs one Pred? It sure sounds like it. And lets face it, those guys just got lucky.


Still beat the hunters one on one though …

Almost 3 months and they still talking about buff pred smh lol…if they loose if bc they suck as pred …end of discussion

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An honest PC player? WTF?

What pred has is mix ups… something ft does not have

Example plasma pistol slash plasma… recommend all ps4 players use plasma pistol.

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Mix-ups is life. I keep tryin to tell the youngbloods you gotta throw 7 different kinds of smoke

no offense but if your on ps4 vs any pc teams go plasma pistol… its so ez to use

I know but I don’t like easy. Besides I don’t play crossplay. As soon a pro patch drops that allows for a steady 60fps is when I play crossplay.

ya… i even get stutter over 100 ping

I could be wrong but I don’t think there are dedicated servers for this game. I think it’s peer to peer or whatever.

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agreed… i wish there were dedicated servers

Quick Play uses dedicated servers.
Private matches use Peer to Peer.

I’d forgive people in thinking it’s only Peer to Peer, but it becomes extremely obvious when you try to have a Private match with someone overseas compared to playing with that same player in quick play.

Private matches are utterly unplayable with foreign players.

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