Lazy Thoughts On Clash, and what is needed very soon. (FINAL FOR NOW)

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Had to Edit this in, but I really fucked up yesterday morning when I went off about clash. Its a decent mode, far from perfect, but not bad at all. I apologize greatly @IllFonic I definitely misread the description in the patch notes.

So first match of clash, hell first time playing in ages, and I wallop out 6 kills in the first minute. 3/4 of the team leaves. 4th guy goes AFK, after my 7th kill. Then after he leaves, The rest of my team leaves, leaving me alone to sit and await the capture points ending. This has already presented a multitude of issues which I will recommend fixes for right now after I show the screenshots.


  • Leave Penalties (They dont have to be long, but they do need to be enough that they discourage leaving.

  • Game Forfeit in the event of a team leaving.

  • Vote To Surrender (in the case that your teamates bail on you and leave you alone)

From This point on I will categorize my notes for the sake of organization.)


Before going into this I just want to say, that this gamemode really does make some of the few jank issues that FT had, really feel terrible. So this doesnt just go for clash but beyond.

  • Aim Punch (Camera Shake when being shot) Should be reduced significantly. As of current it is akin to getting shot in the head in CSGO without a helmet, except its happening for every single bodyshot. (The terrible recoil doesnt help)

    • Weapon recoil still feels very bad on most guns. I think there are two issues, that combined make it feel so janky. Too much horizontal recoil, (which is a bitch to control and really makes it more of an RNG spray than a Skill spray.) As well as animations dont seem to line up with the recoil. The sights are jerked back violently with every shot causing it to be difficult to focus on the reticle and maintain target. Animations and recoil should probably have another pass.

    • Honestly I feel that for the animations it has more to do with the fact that the reticles are textured into the models, and as such move with the violent recoil pretty bad. I think a few things that the art team could do to mitigate this is to first, make the reticles of each sight an overlay that is brought up with the sight, but isnt attached to the model. Then make that reticle blur slightly when firing, but this way it will remain static and also show the center of the screen at all times. That might make it feel better, but im not sure.

  • Leaves Blocking shots on predator, especially at certain angles, provides a very unfair experience. Getting blasted by a standing still predator while the air around the leaves is blocking my mag entirely doesnt feel good. Never has, but it feels worse now.

  • Predator cloak is significantly better, but I feel you may have gone overboard, as even a predator at full sprint is nearly invisible right now, making them very difficult to track.

  • UAV scanner in clash has a high potential to be abused, 4 stacked (Plus gearhead) would give insane intel at all times.

  • TTK feels very bad, and I think that has to do with the difficulties to maintain accuracy, but also with the way weapon damage drops off, I said originally that the TTK was fast but thats only true with the Mercenary really, Every other gun is very difficult to manage recoil wise, as well as seemingly does little damage at long range. I could just have been doing bad but I dunno, it doesnt feel good to me.

  • Predators should have a way to parry each other. Whoever parries first should get out of the animation first. Could be the right click for standalone melee weapons as right click does nothing for them right now (besides the katana)

  • Fireteam Knife should somewhat lock on to enemy FT players, similar to COD, as wildly knifing is awkward at the moment. (Similar to pred melee lock on)

  • Shotguns highly ineffective (at least spas 12, have yet to test others)


  • Randomly spawned about 300m Away from the objective along with the rest of my team (Basically spawned on the opposite side of map). Could possibly be that there were enemies at all of the spawn points so the game opted to launch us to the other side of the map rather than spawn us on top of the opposing team.

  • Heavy Performance Issues reported on PS4 (seems to be tied to the gamemode, as its prevalent on all maps for at least some users)

  • Enemy FT players sometimes invisible, and sometimes dealing damage through walls. Both happened on new map

Other Feedback:

  • “Would you like to play predator” should probably go to the best player on the team first rather than randomly as I suspect it is now. Or it should be shown to everyone and first come first serve. Not sure.

  • We need a small period both before and after the match, Upon load in and before returning to the scoreboard. At the beginning of the match Im thinking a 10 Second pause to let everyone get their bearings upon loading in is warranted.

  • Upon match ending we need a victory/defeat screen. That would make it less janky. (Upon further notice this does exist but is so small its barely noticeable and as such game ending still feels very abrupt)

  • Should probably reward Veritanium for clash matches. While I still have a need for XP, most people dont.

  • Loadout Select In Pause Menu For both PRED and FT loadouts


For anyone Interested this is my clash build. Very basic but it does what it needs to.

At first impression Clash is a cobbled together mode blatantly thrown together in like two months or less just dropping a laptop in the middle of the map and just spawns players around it for 15 minutes. Because that’s pretty much what it is.


The match moves at a breakneck pace but Clash lays out a lot of groundwork for a lot of good things. FT pvp and pred vs pred. The game can support more FT and pred players. FT compliments preds damage nicely. The pred vs pred scenarios are fun as hell even with no actual pred vs pred mechanics in place at this point in time. FT is 100x more threatening than AI. The new map is great. Battle royale when?

I admit its proof the game can handle more players but I am certain that it cannot handle the amount of players a battle royale would entail. Not without a load of optimization that quite honestly might be more work than its worth to do.

I agree though, its definitely far more fun.

Cap for illfonic is probably 12 players unless they get crazy. But in all seriousness i’m leaning more towards FTs vs Guerillas running their own objectives instead of king of the hill. King of the hill is waay too fast for this game.

Youre such a joke. Your first sentence is “So first match of clash, hell first time playing in ages” and yet you still spout off your opinion like its the truth.
Dude you should play more and leave this weird hobby of yours, acting like a community representative and vice versa for the developers.

Welcome back. Glad to see youve come to start shit with me again.

Would you like some extra sal… Oh, I see you already have some. Is there anything else I may help you with today sir?


I know that was rude but youve done nothing but attack me personally in the past few interactions and quite honestly, I am not going to put up with it. Just gave you a little return fire. Have a good evening.

Aren’t you a ray of sunshine 🙄

I mean honestly he seems to only come on to attack me and throw a comment every once in a blue moon somewhere else. You can literally see our last interaction in his post history right away so I am fairly suspicious that he is mainly trying to troll me with this account, for whatever reason.

As of this message, this is his most recent history:

As you can see hes been targetting me for the past week so :P Luckily hes rarely on so its not much of an issue. Still annoying.

@Dutch Just a fair warning. Next time I see you harrassing me or anyone else on these forums im reporting you to the mods. You arent on much so Im sure a ban wont be worth anything, but you keep acting as you are, and rack up multiple bans and it will become perma pretty quickly likely. So please, stop. Be mature.

Jealousy usually. I don’t recognize the account so he’s not a forum regular.

On the subject of Clash. Spawn camping is an issue, as is the buttons to accept Predator when offered. Would be better if they were L1 and R1 to choose.

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I had to manually bind them on PC lol. They werent even binded so the first game I couldnt accept if I wanted to.

I havent witnessed a case of spawn camping yet. The game really does its best to prevent that, to the point where ive had it spawn my team on the opposite side of the map. At least as far as I can tell.

I’m surprised you’re giving feedback on this mode.
Figured you wouldnt like it at all.

Its arcadey. But I cant deny that its actually quite fun, when it works. It has issues. And if I can help iron them out I would like to. But it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be when I read the patch notes this morning.

Thats not to say Im happy. I really felt the hunt gamemode was too arcadey by itself, I would have liked something more serious. however I feel that now that we have this mode, hunt can become more hardcore as I would like it to be, while still leaving an outlet for other players who want to play something more casually.

I probably wont play the game for more than a day, with this new mode, As the issues present are pretty rage inducing. I can understand why people are ragequitting, though I dont condone it. Ive wanted to a few times tonight but havent yet. Even when being abandoned by my entire team lol. Leaving wouldnt matter either way in that scenario sadly, as the game goes on whether the enemy team is present or not.


I dont see how it’s fun.
Even if it ran well.
The guns dont have their typical damage and other things are nerfed.

Making it kinda pointless tbh.
It would have been a completely different story if it was mission focused.

Stargazer vs voodoo.
Actual objectives, no respawns.

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Side note, Sorry to hit you with a second message while you are typing. but I heard PS4 players got aim assist (at least for clash) is this true?

If so, does it also carry into hunt? And how aggressive is it 1-10? Ive noticed that ps4 players have been actually quite good in clash, and was wondering if that had anything to do with it?

Like I said. The point for this gamemode seems to be arcadey and casual focused. I think its a good step for maintaining the casual playerbase, And even some hardcore players seeem to find it fun.

I agree, The balance doesnt feel good in it. Im not entirely happy with it. But While its definitely far from perfect, I dont think its bad by any means. Its really an interesting game mode, one I had not expected.

Side note, a FTvFT gamemode with no respawns would be over too fast, unless there were rounds. I dont think it would have worked as much as id have liked it to. This gamemode works pretty well for what it is.

Surprisingly I havent had many performance issues on my potato ass PC, Is the performance that bad on PS4? If so thats highly unfortunate.


Honestly the new mode is great. I dont see any recoil issues. I played the new mode for roughly 4 hours.
None if your “rework” is vaild tho. Since you haven’t played more than a day of the game in ages so it seems.
Your build is stupid. Why waste gear slots on a stim? When this game is ment to be fast paced I can not tell you how many idiots I killed who make themselves vulnerable for 5 seconds using that dumb thing. Wtf is the point in the uav. Sure it tell you where the other team is and the pred. But the moment you aim at them that spotted icon never goes away till they die so again see no point.

If you are having trouble with recoil idk what to tell you. This game has no recoil whats so ever. So ima have to give you 5 yawns.

And this forum has become a place for crybabies who report everything little thing to the mods. Pathetic

You are right. Its not necessarily the recoil but im not sure how else to describe it. Theres just something about how this games gunplay feels that really doesnt feel right. I havent been able to pinpoint it quite yet as I dont know exactly what the game is doing when im firing, but theres something…

True I havent played the game in a while, But I keep up with it quite frequently.

Fair point, The stims seem to be hit or miss on usefullness. Ive been toying with other equipment since I posted that build. Im not fond of using equipment in games very often regardless, so more times often than not I have it just to have it, in case a situation arises where i need it.

As for the UAV, As of right now its decently useful for keeping track of predators, as well as figuring out what direction the enemy team is in when spawns switch.

Eh I dont mind being put down. I just get annoyed when all someone does is talk shit and provides no conversation beyond that whatsoever.

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It’s extremely bad.
Clash is beyond janky and choppy.

As far as aim assist idk il have to check I haven’t noticed any of it.
The only thing I’m interested in testing is how effective cloak is now and how much better is the splash radius for pc now.

Even if the rounds could be over fast, itd be nice to see ppl have to actually work to complete an objective.

No nerfed gear or perks either.
Fully push people.

Honestly a mode like that,
4v4v2 would have been really cool to see.

Plus they could have given the stargazer team defensive options, like turrets, and stuff like that.
See what I have in mind for it, is it takes place after voodoo has completed all of the original missions.

So they know they HAVE to stop voodoo.
So they come heavily prepared and equipped.

Idk stuff like that Is cool to me.
A giant base needed to be defended with a nice long mission.