Legacy of Kain remake

Is anybody else interested in the leak that they may be remaking the Legacy of Kain series on PS5. I for one have been waiting for a long time now to see that story come back and now with the graphic power and game engines of today it would be able to get the game play it deserves. Such a great story line!!!


I have blood omen on Xbox but havent played it. Sign me up for a ps5 reboot!


From what I gather they are considering using the engine that they used for Shadow of the Colossus. They also want to make fighting like the Dark Souls series.

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This… is the best news I’ve heard in a while.

I will be following this closely.

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Cast him in

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Man I hope they keep the original feel for it.
And I would love to see a new legacy of kain: soul reaver. Loved that series.

I loved the way they talked to. The dialogue was awesome.

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Well for ps players sound great. I watched all series about Legacy of Kain on YT and only played ammm Blood Omen 2… And well maybe dont bring back blood omen 2 because that fighting system…
I somehow enjoyed Blood Omen 2 when i had 12-13 years?
Beside i guess if they bring back Blood Omen 2 the female vampire Umah will get rework with her clothes… Because well… she looks like she was working in some strip club or something…

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Haha~~ mmmm~~ keep talking im almost there~~

" Raziel the Redeemer the the Destroyer the pawn and the Messiah "


I would love to see them go deeper into the story on how he turned the priest that were fighting him into his generals and also how his mutations started to become more of his true demon form. They could make this story so much better now with the ability to have more it would be crazy if they opened up the entire lore of this game series. I see movies or a Netflix series from this as well. In my opinion it is one if not the best vampire story ever told.

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fuck that what about the 1200 years he worked for Kain? i wanna Be a vampire! FUCK BEING HUMAN

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There is so much story they could make a series of games off of it is ridiculous. Playing as Kain from his transformation into a vampire to the point where he saw Raziel get his wings is a must. There could also be games based off of the priest he changed into all of his lieutenants. In other terms, Raziel and his bothern. There should also be a series based on Kains bloodline and the transformation of those he infected in his own family tree with this curse. Dead Sun, I think they were going to call it was loosely based off of a similar story line. There is so much they could do with this.

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As much as I love the Soul Reaver collection of games, my true “first love” in gaming was the original Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain on the PlayStation.

I’ve probably played through it, start to finish with 100% completion (all runes/blood vials and Call Lightning spell) about 20-30 times.

Fun little note: I still have the original strategy guide that my dad got for me for Christmas in 1996, and the map of Nosgoth that came with it.


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Blood omen 2 > Soul Reaver

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I will fkn fight you to the death. >_<

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I did enjoy the aspect that you could absorb the souls of the greater vampires and obtain a special ability.

I still think the “Dark Gifts” from Blood Omen 2 were better.

Playing as Kain, even after a few millennia’s worth of rust accumulated on him, was way more satisfying.

It’s that laugh, man! That LAUGH!

Vae Victis!

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“Out of my way, peasant! The stench of the fields hangs over you like a pall!”

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