Let’s learn from our mistake illfonic

Remember when the game dropped. And the predator was massacring teams? Not all teams, some learned very quickly. But a lot of players were getting stomped. SO they nerfed… the predator… before giving the player base a chance to learn and adapt, in which case they would have learned the predator indeed not need nerfing. Apparently, we are being told 2v6 will not be put into the game, because in the custom made variant of this mode, the predators were winning… what kind of anecdotal nonsense evidence is this as a reason to not include the mode… especially considering WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN THIS HAPPEN! make the mode, and give all players access to it, and watch teams learn, adapt, try new strategies, and overcome the new threat of 2 Predators. You underestimate your FT community Illfonic. A mistake you have made before


They’re just a poor developer. Case in point: melee going right through FT. @REYNOSO_FUA11 @Fire 🖕 😁


Dude preach. Nerf melee

Lol wait what

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Nerf pigs

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Nerf Weevo


Don’t play enough anymore, I nerfed myself

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Nerf yourself again

OK 😞

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Hey I felt those hits dammit.

Dude , they are out of touch . You are wasting you’re time , they see this game as the opposite of how we see it

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Oh sure but those arrows hit their mark though

Like 4/30. Literally going right through you guys. I felt like sword was a mistake going in 🤦‍♂️

Melee tracking is the best I’ve seen on any game. Better than For Honor, wutchu mean? Nerf pred and melee tracking, but also nerf PC charged damage so I can be braindead

Told u i was right about the whole podcast thing… they literally changed their roadmap once the full release dropped… they did a new podcast interview saying that they have smth “new” in plan for the game… and i find this scummy and scammy and bad, imagine changing the game core after u got the pre order people money…

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Nobody listened but told u they would make a mistake showing their true face and their plan…

The writing was on the wall the whole time

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No 2v6
No pred v pred

What exactly ARE they doing and why do they think we’ll enjoy it?

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Cause their delusional i already said this xD… this is first and last time i bought any of their products no matter how good it is… i will never ever buy anything from them unless they somehow manage to redesign the game on a community vision

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Maybe not out of touch but just out of ideas. They see the possibility for the peed co-op mode but they don’t know how to implement it