Let's talk my fellow hunters and Marines. Specifically about some basic stuff that should be updated and/or added.

Yes! I like that. More blade options! A machete would be a nice addition. Or hell! Maybe there is a random “burial sight” on the maps were you can dig up and if you’re lucky, be given a Yautja weapon: specifically the Elder sword or the spear. Thinktank that’d be neat. You get a bar somewhere on the screen and each time you land it it takes away from the bar before the Yautja weapon breaks

I do think FT should be able to equip the eldersword and the smart disc (melee only) after killing so many Predators

the obscure powerglove from AVP could do that too it even has a shield-like fold out thing on it’s fore arm plus you can deck FT with it so it’s funny too

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That image must be from AVP:R cuz it’s dark AF

it is you have to look at the concept art to even know it has a shield on it

Don’t make the Shuriken a reskin of Smart Disc


Dutch’s bow from the first film and please make shuriken it’s own weapon! Thank you.

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The ability for pred to block would be a great one!

I wonder if pred being able to grab an FT by the neck and run/jump with would be a cool idea too, maybe add a button mash break free from grip for FT? Would look funny from the grappled FT first person view with pred running and jumping away haha…

  • Look Friend, about Raising Levels, I think it has literally passed the time they make that.

Who knows, we could have an easier time knowing if we are playing with someone on the same level as us or not.

  • But about the Customizations you want from Alpha, Elder and City Hunter, I totally disagree !.
    City Hunter is a DLC Class.
    With Unique Itens Exclusives.
    And what belongs to Alpha, belongs to Alpha.
    And what belongs to the Elder, belongs to the Elder.

I think what these Classes need is more Exclusive Items.
An Exclusive Roar; More Exclusive Weapons and Gears.

We have 100% Customizable Predators.
Now even those who have Exclusive things, Do you want it too ?.

I already think it Wrong that the Weapons of these Exclusive Classes are used by other Predators, if not by Corresponding Predators.

  • Plasma Caster could have a Variation.
    Where He Was Not Glued to the Shoulders of Predators.
    It could be in one of the Arms, or directly through the Masks.

  • Now, what is the reason for having Multiple Laser Colors ?.
    I believe that the Predator’s must be Really Red.
    But the FT Soldiers’ Weapon Lasers could be Green.
    For the Predator to be able to see that He is in sight too.

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I like the green laser for Fireteam. Reminds me of AvP


Wristblade Varient
Single instead of double

-[Function] Melee
-[Function] Shoot Wristblade

What will happen when you have no wristblade because it got stuck in a pig and shot into the stratosphere? Good question me, you’ll just have to punch the fireteam to death now

Most likely have normal Wristblades as a backup though

Reference Skip to 1:15

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Heheheh. I respect your opinions but do not agree with mors than half of them.😅😅

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I was playing Rainbow Six Siege and my favorite operator has a green laser so that made me think of various laser colors.

Yes!!! Loved the second movie and definitely agree! A gear slot that allows us to shoot them would be badass!

I like a good conversation.

Tell me on what points you don’t agree with me, and let’s discuss it.

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I understand that the skins should, at least for those that think it, remain on their respective owners but I do honestly admire them and as someone that plays a looooot of games with character customization, small things like this really bother me.

I do like the three skins I mentioned and their variants and want them to be available for all classes however. I have an Elder but we don’t have a female variation. Having the skin and helmet would suffice but instead I can’t use the skin nor the dreads. So my female elder is incomplete.

I made a female member of the City Hunter tribe as I have all his weapons, dreads and helmet but the only thing I am lacking for my final touch is his skin.

The alpha, which isn’t even Yautja LMAO, does have a decent skin set which inoersondlly want to put on to my viking. I don’t use the basic skins to begin with as I normally don’t like them but as a collector I’d still LOVE to have access to all of them.

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I don’t want class exclusives either as that limits my customization and loadouts. Exclusive roars I can kind of agree on! Scout, Berserker and Hunter are essentially all the same so I am fine with them having the same Male roar and female roar but for other classes; Samurai, Viking/Valk, I definitely agree! They need their own signature roars.

I think should have also came with their own skins rather than using defaults

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Multiple laser colors bc everyone has red. It’d be more distinguished if we had just a few seperste laser colors.

I personally despise the color red. I hate it. I just don’t like looking at it LMAO.😅

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Dang, I love the color red. ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

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Sorry Slade! Stick with your mask though, orange has got red in it. Don’t worry lol, that’s cool!