Load outs keep resetting everytime I change gear or perks

They go back to the default class settings after I changed them from the previous classes, gear and perks

Unfortunately, you may have to delete your saved game data.

Sometimes, having only 2 gear items can also cause resetting. You’ll have to try each slot with only two until you find one that doesn’t reset, if that’s the case.

In case you play on PC, this might help a little bit.

Sometimes it is just a single Loadout Slot, sometimes an item that is bugged, for me it was first the second Loadout slot, then the GOSLR for a long time, now it’s the Self-Revive.
And there is also a consistent bug where it will reset if you don’t spend all points on equipment, or have items set in the wrong order, it’s just messed up.

What we found out by testing is that if you delete the loadout file, your ingame loadouts will reset to the same basic loadouts every time, while the file size for the new Usersettings.sav varies almost every time, and quite heavily too, and the related bugs might also vary.
I was even getting the same Bugs that my Buddy experienced, when I used his file, and vice versa.

But I have it for ps5 and never deleted it?

No I got if for ps5 sad 😞

Me to, I’m on PS5. Sometimes, not always, deleting your game save and re-creating your classes and settings from scratch, will reduce the chances of your classes resetting.

You won’t lose your progress, you’ll just have to re-create all your shit.

No I saw someone do that before and they did lose everything 😰

Should not be possible, but, if you saw it, how can I argue against that. 🤷‍♂️

There’s always a cloud back up available if you choose.

Oh maybe I could try that but I don’t want to risk it maybe I’ll just figure out what class it was previous then make it default

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Dude I deleted the entire game multiple times and everytime I installed it again, all the progress I made was there, like level, veritanium etc.

Deleting saved data will reset your loadouts and settings and that’s it.

Show me then? I ain’t doing it…because I paid for dlc 😔

Ask bloodthirstylord for help


You Serious? lmao

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That’s cold bro lol

Don’t regret it I love Dutch he’s like my hero