Loadout Bug Over and Over again

I am on PC

last 3 months i have the same loadout problem , every 5 minutes (or every time i finish match) my Scout Loadout resets (empty primary and secondary weapon slot + empty second and third gear , the first one for some reason ALWAYS resets to healing kit ) , i tried to delete saves and didnt work(i even tried uninstall/install and didnt work )

ps: some times other loadout have this problem too


I’ll try and find it, but I believe you have to actually uninstall and delete some of the remaining files…

i tried delete saves + uninstall the game + uninstall epic store and the bug is still there … i just cant play pred
guys are you even trying to fix this bug ?


Why would they? People keep throwing money at them so ?

Could you provide me with a screenshot of your loadout and which slot the loadout is in?
We’re looking into the issue

For this patch all loadouts have problem (some of them reset to no weapons and some of them just change my weapons , same for gear)
last patch loadout 2 and 5 had problem

ps: some times loadouts just reset the first weapon slot and keep the second empty

screenshot not working for me, just shows a cut-off image

steam forums are saying loadouts with combi-stick are getting reset.

my loadouts with bow/sword are reset …(but not only them)

ok it was just something i heard. must be something else.

just out of curiosity how many loadouts do you have?

now i have 4 and 3 of them dont work properly
last patch i had 12 and some of them didnt work properly

does it happen if you rename loadouts or not?

It happens in renamed loadouts,i am gonna check if it happens if i dont change name

yeah it happens even if i dont rename loadouts

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ok, could you maybe do the following to help track down the problem.

Reset everything so there are no bugged loadouts. then make 1 loadout at a time, and copy the save file each time you make a loadout, copy it as a NEW FILE each time, not overwrite.

Then when you add that final loadout or something breaks, save that file as a seperate file.

Then the devs will ahve a file that is OK, and the next file that immediatley broke it, and they can compare the 2 to better see what happened.

If you feel like doing that i think that could help. i understand if not because its a lot of faffing around.

i can do it
reset you mean to delete all saves right ?

yeah so delete save, then create one loadout at a time and test between creating loadouts. save the files each time u make a new one. then when you get to the point where its broken you will have the known “good” file that you just saved to compare to the broken one.

This could be very useful to tracking down the issue.

well the files are “unreadable” so i will just upload them here

yeah you cant open them the dev team can thoug, maybe worth putting them into a zip file or uploading them to your google drive if you have one. depending on size you may not be able to upload them to this site as it limits things a lot, even images are usually too big.