Looking for people

So, I’ve been holding this question back for awhile and just decided to go ahead and let it out. So, I’m looking for like 1 or 2 people to squad up with and play privates or publics. I do want them to be decently good. If you have any suggestions please tell me. Note: I do have voice chat, but it doesn’t work. I mean, it does, but you can barely hear anything through the mic. So, for now I just have to message through playstation. My online ID is Acertango

I’m not on very often these days but when I am I mostly play private matches with friends or friends of friends. Feel free to add me and I’ll invite you sometime 🙂 psn is my username.

Are you gonna be on this weekend?


I’ll be on looking for you since finals are officially done for me today.

Same, my last day of school semester is today. Don’t know if I’ll be on this weekend. Gonna try and play today after school. If not, I’ll most definitely be on tomorrow.

… fine I’ll think about playing again

I mean we can always play among us if you’d rather something different

Halo dropped so I’d probably rather put time there but I miss the shenanigans

@Cadillackid @REYNOSO_FUA11 @Forever_Mello …avoid these guys and you should find some decent players 👍🏻


Shit halo too, I already beat the campaign on legendary and could always use some backup.

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Decent sure but he’d be missing out on the greatest and humblest player that ever lived.

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Never heard of him

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Because he’s humble

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Epic: Beer Warrior66

I suck at this game and miss all of my shots and I too need to get better at this game

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Don’t be so hard…

…on yourself

Yes, thank you for understanding, I shall compensate you with one whole bananas

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Wait a minute, those are my bananas!

I suck too, we should group up and make a Suck Squad and git gud after that.


I hope to git gud one day 😔