LOTR Rings of Power in a Nutshell



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Wasn’t freedom toons found to be genuinely racist or was that the other dude

I’m going to take that as a yes

Please, again, shut up before you make the right look worse than it already does.

Again didn’t watch the video you one sided narcissist dumb ass who can’t quote videos because they can’t understand higher intellectuals who k ow more shit then you do cuz your a fucking internet troll 🙄😂🤣

I did

Your video isn’t a response. It’s just a meme that tells me no actual history or defining traits of It’s creator.

It’s a video calling cows racist ironically

If that’s being an intellectual than I’m god

You wish you were but your not and Thank God because then we all be idiots like you not responding to a video and making points of how they are racist but they are not lol the world thinks what they deemed is racist lol

The video is irrelevant

It has no bearing on the conversation

I asked if they were racist, you didn’t give a proper response so I assumed he was because you yourself are a racist.

Seriously tell me how the video proves he’s not racist behind the curtain?

Next you’ll tell me making kids content means you can’t be a murderer

The video was the the response and you won’t respond to to it because you said it’s irrelevant yet you keep being back the subject so it is 😐

The video is just a meme. It doesnt actually have any merit as a conversation.

Why don’t you tell me what it means then we’ll see what non sense your talking about

Your the one bringing the video back to subject

Because it’s relevant

Anyway more news


What a response of “I’m right, no argument needed”

Blatant ignorance

Lol you chose that part when I was speaking about the video part, you know you can’t quotes pieces of conversation to make a point especially since other people can see it now it just makes you look stupid lol 😂

That was literally your only response

What am I supposed to do reach into your mind?


When you talk about the video, and I respond about the video, that’s because the conversation is the video.

But I just did

Of course he’s racist! He’s a white Christian male! Who also believes in less government, more freedoms for everyone and that the government should leave people alone (including all races). Racist!

Also nice attempt at poisoning the well, even if someone is racist it doesn’t make them automatically incorrect or that all their views are invalid.

A. Maybe try tagging me next time

B. Maybe if some one would fucking say that. All I did was ask if this was the racist dude and I was met with memes.you can’t blame me for making assumptions when you don’t take me seriously in the first place.

I asked a legitimate question, clearly not knowing a lot about the dude so I’m met with a fucking meme, so ya I’m left to assume

C. I’m 100% sure your view isn’t biased at all or that he doesn’t try to hide/doesn’t realize he’s racist

And before you say anything if the left is racist without knowing it for as diverse as they are then so can an extremist right winger without them knowing it.

D. Never said it automatically makes them wrong. Hell nothing in this thread before my accusations could be called wrong because it’s just a stupid meme. You can’t say a meme is wrong. All I did was tell them to shut up. Nice straw manning.

So your stupid then got it 👌🏼

Quartering is good

I didn’t make it but it’s the best picture I’ve ever seen 🤩