Love Andrew Tate and what he’s doing for this generation

Especially the younger men, who the Matrix and world are trying to crush. Masculinity will not die.


I hope this is sarcasm. 🤔

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Let me guess… another Andrew gate hater, whose only a hater because they pathetically believe in the news and the government 🤓🤓

He also believes that man went to the moon in 1969

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What does man and moon have anything to do with this.

Isnt it currently where you reside?

Is this meant to be a low IQ joke or something?

Are you saying i have a low QI?

If you’re saying I reside on the moon then yes. U also spelt IQ wrong.

I think we got off on the wrong foot , buddy.

I’m sorry 😞

Damn right you should apologise

I know , I feel terrible .

Let me make it up to you? I will be your paid boxing sponsor? All you have to do is wear my business logo on the soles of your boxing shoes?

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How many times did you jack off to Gay porn today Cozzar ?

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Not enough , the man’s testosterone is off the charts…he wants to kill me. I know a case of roid rage when I see it



Do not be exposing such a man.

Glad we could make a deal 👍🏻

I expect big returns.

Who gave you permission to talk to such a man.

What weight are you?